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Actions for Equal Opportunities – an International Development Adventure Camp for Youth with Williams Syndrome
Start date: Jul 7, 2006,

For the fi rst time ever, young people with Williams Syndrome (WS) from all over Europe came together to form an integrated development project to increase the chance of equal opportunities for disabled youth. As Williams Syndrome is a rare condition, occurring in approximately 1 in 20.000 births, it is relatively unknown, and people aff ected by this syndrome have inadequate health and social care. Therefore, to decrease marginalisation for suff erers, it is very important to make it possible for them to advance their independence and promote social integration. More than 200 participants took part in various programmes, to extend perceptions of limits and abilities, and to create an “I can do it” feeling among all of them. The activities included music workshops, drama classes, dance and art therapy as well as musical gymnastic and special swimming lessons. At the fi nal talent show, the teams presented their songs and dances on stage.
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