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Actions corresponding to the creativeness and local opportunities in road safety development
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

The aim of the ACCORD project is to put the first brick of the bridge for long term cooperation of EU and Chinese youth organizations in the road safety and accident prevention field, built, on peer-to-peer communication ana promoting civic participation. The project will be developed on three phases: existing knowledge dissemination, knowledge generation and new knowledge dissemination. The foreseen activities are: preparation meeting, study visit, cross-fertilization of experience, development of information materials, carrying out of local awareness-raising actions, evaluation seminar. They will be carried out in Bulgaria, Belgium, Luxembourg and China.The project direct participants will be 40 trained local volunteer multipliers and 1200 direct participants in the local actions.The ACCORD output will consist of 8 successful local actions (2 per country), based on cross-fertilized EU and Chinese awareness raising campaigns experience, achieved through the use of information and communication materials (information stands, information cards, t-shirts, posters and other country specific materials, developed in the framework of the project).The broad visibility of the project activities and the project as a whole will be ensured by press releases at every stage, but the main tool will be the media relations dissemination activity. For that purpose we will list medias both on national and local level and will work closely with them on each stage of the project. Furthermore a multimedia presentation will be given during the next European Youth Forum for Road Safety, organized by the European Commission, as a primary platform for transfer of the best practice and to other similar events, focused on organizing volunteer activities.The project impact will consist of 1 240 directly involved young people, 12 000 people directly informed by the paper information materials, 50 000 unique visitors on the partners' websites and 50 000 reached through media.
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