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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Richter is involved in EVS projects since 1997. Our organization is an active promoter and developer of informal education and supporter of peer-education. The volunteers will be working in an info-gallery. This unique place combines art made by young European artists with information on the Erasmus+ program. With this project we hope to continue the movement of young people who come from all over Europe to do EVS-projects in Den Helder. But it's not only the young European volunteers we offer to participate in our project. This project also provides an opportunity for young people with disabilities in the areas of economy and geographically. We believe that Erasmus+ should be open to everybody and that every youth deserves a chance to develop regardless of where he/she comes from. With this project we are trying to achieve our goals as an organization and directly help others. Further on we hope to inspire local young people by meeting volunteers from other cultures to think about their position in Europe. It is a highly valuable experience for young people to see other cultures and to see the differences and similarities between them. This project offers the chance to our volunteers and local youth to have this experience. With this project we especially hope to inform young people from Den Helder on the new Erasmus+ program. Besides this we want to make the volunteers and local youth acquainted with art. Art can be seen as an expressive form of one’s culture. Unfortunately art is often regarded as boring, dusty and something for the elite. This project shows the youth that installations and painting are exciting, fun and open for all who are interested. By organizing activities in the gallery art can be something that lives for the youth of Den Helder. The volunteers are working in a very active and flexible foundation. Despite there is a project description the volunteers will have a lot of personal freedom. This means that there is enough space for a personal project/development besides the fixed activities. The volunteers work on the organization of an art gallery. The gallery is open for young artists from the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. By offering young artists a stage to show their art we hope to contribute to the evolution of contemporary art. Art is an important way of expression for young people and we think that the gallery can be a stimulating place for local youth. The volunteers will participate in the whole process of organizing expositions and promoting our gallery. In the same building as the gallery we have a Erasmus+ information bureau. In fact the gallery is a symbiosis between art and information. With the information bureau we want to inform local youth on their possibilities in Europe. The volunteers are responsible for the practical part of this bureau. This means that he or she will be working there for about two days a week to approach and inform visitors of our gallery on European activities. Besides the work in the gallery the volunteers will be also active in an information project on local high schools. The project called ‘Schools Out’, aims at students between 15 and 18. In one lesson of an hour our evs-volunteers together with local volunteers inform the students about EVS and the new Erasmus+ program. They do this in an active and informal way. The success of this project is in the fact that youth informs youth and that our volunteers are the best example of EVS in action. Our organization supports the activities of a daycare centre for people with psychological difficulties, Our volunteer assist staff members of the Daily Activity Centre. In this way our volunteers get acquainted with the stories of the people that visiting and it’s a very educational experience that prevents people to get prejudiced about challenged groups in European society. We like to involve our volunteers directly in our international projects. In this way they can learn about project management and the structure of international youth programs. Besides participating in projects, the volunteers study on the Erasmus+ program. In our organization there is no difference between male and female staff members. In all our activities we practice democracy when its useful. It speaks for itself that we respect other cultures and do not accept xenophobia and racism (even though this occurs with volunteers). Next to all aforementioned activities we offer our volunteers the chance to take part in our local activities. All and all a busy project with various activities. However our opinion is that the biggest thrill is not the work itself but the project as a whole experience.

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