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Action for good
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: May 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Action for good is a project where young people take responsibility for common things and we will look more closely to the theme of responsibility trough different activities. How to take responsibility for your surrounding community and environment or how can we act responsible towards other people? How can we consume in a responsible way and learn about responsibility through taking it in voluntary work and different initiatives? We want to point out that young people can be part of the local community and its development and we will take action towards the poorly neclected walking street in Kerava, our home town. Every participant gets the experience of taking responsibility in making the project true. We will learn thourgh practice about our own skills and strenghts and get more confidence to act towards a better future in our local communities. The project drives you to take initiative and do it! The aim is to grow as human beings to be active world citizens taking care of our surrounding community and to point out the active work that young people do in the local community. We want to brake the streotype that young people just waste their time hanging out in the streets. We have 60 participants from four different countries; Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Serbia. From all of these countries is a group of young scouts from 14-19 years old who have been planning the project together. In all of our organisations it is important theme to work with voluntary work and take part actively in the surrounding community. We felt that we could do and learn even more about the theme. The project takes place in Järvenpää on the 16th to 24th of June. The middsummer we will spent close to the nature and we will arrange an event of "taking action for the walking street" in Kerava and make the youhtparticipation visible in the local community. We will learn about responsibility by arranging our own timebank, visiting a social enterprise, helping other people, volunteering and doing our own citizens initiative. The participants will learn about themselves and from others examples by taking their own responsibility and finding more ways to get your initiative through. In learning process we will focus on responsible world citizens theme, taking responsibility of the environment and learning from the good examples. We will learn about our own strenghts and get more confident in them and learn to work with and in a group. The results that we will tell about are about youngsters personal experience and learning. We will tell that trough our "What I learned" social media campaign and in the Keravas walking street event. Our aim is to get the active young people visible in media through the project actions. The concrete products we want to tell the world about are our promise keeping video dramas, citizens initiatives and QR-code orienteering in the city center. The participants of the project will get confidence and experience to take action towards a better society in their local communities. Young people taking responsibility is the message we want to send to the world outside our project.
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