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Intra-school violence, which more or less happens in any schooling institution, is commonly known under the term “bullying”. Intra-school violence can be identified in many different forms, from verbal to physical and emotional to psychological. In any case, it can create significant problems to pupils suffering bullying and disturb the everyday school life, affecting school’s community cohesion.The project aims to design, test, validate and promote a methodology and specific tools to assist combating bullying and intra-school violence in the broader educational community. For this purpose, a comic or an educational game will be produced and this will be the final deliverable of the project. Project phases:A. Identification Tasks: 1. Research work to identify experiences and conceptions about the cause of intra-school violence. The research will take place in all participating institutions 2. Presentation of research findings to related school communities. B. InterventionTasks:1. Awareness raising of members of the school communities2. Design of methodology and educational material – Pupils will be engaged both in different scenarios development, artwork , songs, rymes, use of new tecnologies (short films, power point presentation, theatre actions etc.3. Pilot application of methodology and tool.C. EvaluationD. Dissemination of resultsBy publications, leaflets, school websites etc
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