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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project proposes the facilitation of the experience exchange and the development of some common methods in order to improve the institutional ability of the 6 partners to involve children in artistic activities and to jointly identify new, innovative methods of practicing arts, to improve the teaching methods in the artistic area and to achieve a modern European education. Arts are an important part of the school curriculum, but the methods used are different from one country to another. Our project main goal is to reach a best practice model who can be successfully applied in all the partner institutions. The project’s corporation is made up of the following partners: - the coordinating institution: Gradinita cu P. Prelungit "Phoenix", Romania - partner 1 : vergale Kindergarten " Kastanitis", Latvia - partner 2 : Ajka Városi Óvoda, Hungary - partner 3 :CDG Yavor, Bulgaria - partner 4 : Sunrise International School, Denmark - partner 5: Güneykent Anaokulu,Turkey Proposed activities: the elaboration of a SWOT analysis by each partner regarding the place of arts in the National Curriculum and in their schools, the strong and the weak points that can be identified; the organization of 6 work meetings of the project teams; presentation of the visual arts activities of the partners, emphasizing the methods used by each partner for choosing the methods and techniques that will be test and put in practice by all the partners; the testing and putting into practice by the partners of the proposed visual arts methods and techniques; the elaboration of a methodological guide which will contain best practice methods used in visual arts activities and of an art calendar; the presentation of traditional musical techniques and dances and their experiencing by all the partners; the elaboration of a DVD which will gather the partners' traditional dances and music. We will try to achieve our goals by play activities such as games, songs, photos, painting, dances, contests, exhibitions which will be integrated in the school activities. The activities and the theme of the project will be developed within all the school subjects. In order to achieve the proposed objectives we are going to take into account: • Exchanges with other European schools to compare the results in their country, their school, to get inspires from other countries or to give examples of effective methods. • Use of the ICT to learn, make known or improve knowledge. • Improvement of a foreign language (English). • To create and maintain positive attitudes towards art. The expected results are: - The creation of the project website: presentation of the schools, of the project, of the activities which will be periodically updated; - Preparation of an "Erasmus corner" in the school to present photos, works, documents; - The project logo chosen by means of a contest during the first project meeting; - At least one preparatory meeting organized by the teacher of the partner institutions with the pupils and parents from their own classes; - The creation of postcards or decorations on a typical tradition of the country using different art methods and techniques on the occasion of winter holidays; - 6 SWOT analyses in the 6 partner institutions; - A portfolio of activities comprising visual arts methods applied to the pupils in the partner schools having as a starting point the SWOT analyses; - Visual Arts exhibitions organized in the partner institutions, but also in some public institutions; - A methodological guide containing best practice methods used in visual arts; - Musical and art contests; - Articles published in the local media and on the internet; - An art calendar using the identified successful methods used in visual arts activities in order to promote the project to the local community. - Presentations of the recorded dance activities and also of the musical activities specific to each partner institution; - A DVD: INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION OF TRADITIONAL DANCE AND MUSIC; - One common strategy for continuing the partnership created. The project's results will remain available and/or will be used by others due to the fact that they will be disseminated to the local and international community: the project website will be continuously updated and will contain valuable information about the project results and activities which can be used by whoever is interested; the SWOT analyses will be posted on the project website, so that they could be accessed by other institutions which might be interested by the project's theme; the methodological guide will be distributed within the local community; it will also be used afterwards in the kindergartens, with the purpose of improving the educational process, the DVD - INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION OF TRADITIONAL DANCE AND MUSIC,will represent a good resource for learning about other nations traditional dances and music.
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