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Act, speak and repeat!
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the world there is a very tense time at the moment. The members of European Union feel threaten and insecure. In order to reduce the threat and insecure we have to tolerate and approve other cultures. This is our only opportunity to carry on.The aim of the project is to broaden the mind of young people, to develop their creativity and teamwork, develop self-expression and spotting the differences between different cultures. All that trough telling stories - fairytale, legends. It is important that countries participating in youth-exchange will understand and peruse countries different cultures and traditions. This will help them to be more tolerant and to understand the cultural space of others.6 people from Estonia, 6 from Italy, 6 from France and 6 from Slovenia will take part of the youth exchange, all with one group leader. Participants of the project will be in the age of 15-17, because this is the age where young people are starting to get more interested in the community and start feeling as a part of it. The youth exchange will be at the 22th of august to 29 of august 2016 in Paide, Estonia.During the first days every participating country will present their culture, background and traditions. This will be during cultural nights. Also the first days will be full of team exercises and games, to help the group to get to know each other and work as one. During the following days every country will have to present their choice of story, fairytale, legend from their home country. The presentation can be in any form. After these presentations we will work with every story separately. We will discuss the morale of the story and analyze them. In the middle of the project we will visit Viljandi, a city you can call the cultural capital of Estonia. The aim of the outing is to collect inspiration for the final performances of the stories chosen by every group. In the end of the youth exchange every group, made from participants from different countries, will perform a fairytale they choose in a modern way. They will keep the morale of the story and characters but will bring it in today's context.Finishing the project the participants will be aware of different countries (France, Slovenia, Estonia, Italy) culture and will be more tolerant. The young people will value diversity and realize that from different backgrounds come different people. Youth feel themselves more as part of Europe and are more confident to express their thoughts and opinions.This experience will make young people think about problems that exist in the society. They will realize how important freedom is and also how important is diversity and differences.
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