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Act Quickly, Think Slowly
Start date: Aug 1, 2010,

Act for Change is a group EVS project involving twenty European volunteers coming from Bulgaria, France, Italy and Turkey to Durban, South Africa, in autumn 2010. The volunteers will join a local theatre group and they will perform around rural and urban communities by using theatre of the oppressed (specifically forum theatre) and street animation. They will also help the group with the making of stage materials, such as backgrounds, costumes, and a stage itself.South African volunteers - chosen among some youth centres with whom the Hosting Organisation (Rights Based Network, RBN) works more - and geographically and / or economically disadvantaged European volunteers will form a unique group and spend two months together living in a Monastery which is owned and rules by the Municipality of Durban. During their working week, all the volunteers will have theatre trainings, stage materials making workshops, assemblies to take all decisions related to the performances. Once a week they will perform in a local community chosen from the places South African volunteers come from. The performances will deal with situation of oppression, conflict, social exclusion, discrimination that are part of the daily life of the community where the performance takes place. By using forum theatre, the theatre group will try to start some debates in local communities. The so called spect-actors are expected to change their behaviours in order to improve the social conditions of the community. Through this Activity, and through "the preparation phase of each performance the EVS volunteers are expected to acquire new perspectives and analysis tools for social situations, as well as new motivations and action tools for social action, so that they can apply what they learn during the project once back in their communities of origin.
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