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Act now for better future
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The „Act Now for Better Future“ Project was created as an outcome from devastating results of the internal research conducted by the Project coordinator and partners who had an opportunity to be both the participants as well as the project managers on several dozens of Erasmus+ projects. During our participation in such projects, we got a good view on opinions and views of the young participants from other countries manifested through xenophobic, intolerant and racist views and distorted moral values. Furthermore, while interacting with younger members of the Association, youth in our everyday environment and our Partners (who told us about situation in their organizations and everyday life) we noticed that we all share the same problem - different forms of intolerance are particularly visible among the youth, but they exist between youth workers as well.Most effective tool for overcoming the aforementioned difficulties and problems is education, especially when it comes to youth. Therefore the goal of this Project is to raise, trough non-formal education, the awareness of the youth about the importance of human rights and tolerance and finally the implementation of concrete actions.Subsequently the main goals of this Project are:- introduction to the concept of human rights and tolerance- developing attitudes in youth about the importance of possession of fundamental rights from the individual point of view as well as from social environment- encouraging respect and protection of the basic human rights of every individual- learning how to control anger as the emotion of intolerance- strengthening the partnership between the organizations- launching the campaign as the result of the dissemination of project results- encouraging youth to get more involved as well as organization of the similar activities in the community.The Project will be implemented by the Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing of the City of Zagreb in partnership with six partners - Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia and Romania.There will be 43 participants who will take part in the activities of this exchange that will last for 9 days in the City of Zagreb. During that time they will learn how to promote tolerance and human rights through the non-formal learning methods. By doing this, we will develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in participants necessary for the understanding of the human rights as well as the understanding that human rights matter, that they should be respected, protected and plead for regardless on situation and personal moods.By expanding the outcomes of the Project we will achieve its visibility on national and international level which will have development of the new project ideas and partnerships as the final result. This will also prove valuable with organization networking on international level, all of which will continue their work on the promotion of human rights and tolerance as well as the education of the youth on the mentioned problems.This Project aims to raise awareness for the need for this kind of projects and is conceived as the starting point for the implementation of the similar activities in the variety of other organizations. It also emphasizes the importance of the promotion of tolerance and human rights, respectively the importance of the education of the youth.Problems such as intolerance and disrespect will continue to grow on global level but they need to be addressed locally and even individually. Therefore, these activities will enable the change that starts in the individual and then spreads to the group of youth which is the only possible way for them to spread to the world.
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