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Across The Universe
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Content:We aim to provide the youngsters with the opportunity to promote the scientific thought and enhance their imaginations.Moreover we want to enable young people to have a bit of space science .A1 Astronomy education and observation.A2 Introduction of Astrofotografie and ImplementationA3 Across the UniverseA4 What’s inside? What is the impact of the cosmology?In the past In Turkey people has not been aware of the importance of the scientific thought and development.Apart from the experts,there has not been any trainings on it.Yet, Yale University ,one of the most prestigious universites of USA , has taken attention of this idea within a training carried out in the frame of the programme aiming to strenghten education among public schools .(1)They have also focused on the most stunning,amazing topic-Cosmology – to enhance the scientific thought for their work.Reseach on “Participation of Youngster”(2) done by KONDA-(pg 34) prove that teenagers are occupied with using the Internet in their Daily life.Whereas,we do not pay enough value on reading.According to the a report by UNESCO(3)” the rate of the reading habit in Europe is % 21 whereas it is 1/10.000 in Turkey. Taking into consideration the developed countries ,it is evident that they have invested enough budget to promote youngsters on Scientific Thoughts. The situation is not so far in USA.Nowadays within the science and tehnology centers situated in Turkey ,there has been some attempts but they were not sustainable.TUBITAK,municipalities,astronomy organisations also offer such opportunities related with it.But disadvanted groups have difficulty in partcipating the trainings because of travel,and accomodation costs. Objectives:General Objective:To enable youngsters enhance Scientific Thought and imagination.Specific Objective : Working with 30 youngsters in 9 days in Fethiye to grasp astronomy observation and training ,astrofotografia training and implementation ,laws of cosmology in the hope of Capacity Building and to provide the target group with the opportunity to learn scientific science.To develop a sense of European Citizenship (workshop)To promote team work and enhance discussion skillsTo raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries -By aquasition of photography and digital comptetences on a stunning topic(astrology) to increase a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship - To create a background for future Project ideas.-To reach around 50.000 through e learning platform(web site)-Within the virtual exhibition ,to disseminate the implementation of astrofotografia to a wider audience up to 50.000 end users.-To disseminate the video of the Project up to 60.000 people.Profiles of the participants-Six participnats from each partner organisation. ( 3 female and 3 male ) and group leader (fluent in English)(aged between 18-25)- Enthusiastic about Shooting,astronomy, photography and cosmology -Disadvantaged groups preferably unemployed -Have the ability work in multicultural groups -Tolerate differences. Composed of 15 females and 20 participants with disadvanged background ,totally 30 participants will take part in the project. ActivitiesA1-Astronomy:What is the size of the space we are in ?What are the stars,galaxy and clouds?A2-Astrografia: Participants will learn Shooting techniques of Astrofotographia and how to implement it.A3-Across the universe:Laws of Universe will be discussed in a simple way.A4-Whats inside?:How are these strange laws influence us? (religions,philosophy,sociology,science)Methodology:Intercultural Dialogue,Interactive Workshop,Team Work,Outdoor Listening,Question-Answer,Discussion,Gamification,Open Space, Exchanges of Experiences.Results and ImpactR1: Improved knowledge of astrology and observation.With the guidence of the prominent astronomer,increased results of trainings and observation.R2: Improved knowledge of astrofotografie and observation competence.Aesthetic photographs of galaxy and time lapse.Privilidge of observing the collapse of the galaxy.R3: Improved perception of the idea that “ What are we inside?”-Universe is so big and so small –What are we inside? What are we on?,R4: Perception of the laws of Universe. Raised awareness of Laws gained during A3 within the impact during A4 .ParticipantsImproving key competences and skills of youngsters to promote participation in labour market.Long term Impact: The Project will increase Perception of the youngsters to learn how to grasp scientific thoughts and enable them to be flexible and open minded. Virtual exhibition and the trainings on the web site will raise awareness on the idea of the Project.Experiences gained during the Project activities will have a positive effect on in their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
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