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Start date: 01 Mar 2012,

This is a group EVS project which forecast 12 volunteering placements in a total of 3 host countries: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Colombia (Bogota) and Nepal (Kathmandu). There are 4 sending countries: Italy, France, Spain, and Netherlands. Host placements will have a length of 5 to 9 months.The main themes are anti-discrimination and human rights education. The project main aims are to contribute to create a culture of peace and human rights for all and to enhance active participation through volunteering. The specific objectives are: Obj. 1- To foster cooperation among youth NGOs working in various parts of the world; Obj. 2- To encourage volunteering and active participation among young people; Obj. 3- To mainstream human rights and human rights education world-wide and in voluntary work; Obj. 4- To promote a sense of global citizenship and friendship among young people world-wide; Obj. 5- To enhance youth volunteers’ competences for live, Obj. 6- To uphold mutual support and capacity building among youth NGOs; Obj. 7- To contribute to the development of the community and targets in the various host countries.The activities in the diverse host countries are: Argentina-educational workshops with children and youth on the topics of ethnic equality, citizenship and human rights, organise the event United Nations Model Simulations; Colombia-activities in the framework of peace, human rights and self-development with young people from a disadvantaged quarter; Nepal-leisure activities (sports, arts) with children from a orphanage, mentoring disabled children at school, Youth Human Rights Education Club.The methodology used throughout the project is in the framework of the non-formal education and peace education approach: experiential learning, cooperative learning, active participation, learning by doing. These will be used at a transversal level in the partnership development, volunteers training and support, visibility and exploitation activities.
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