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ACORE EUROPA- A Coruña Emprende en Europa
Start date: Oct 1, 2014, End date: Sep 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

> ACOREUROPA is the institutional project of the town council of A Coruña which coordinates a local integrated Consortium through the provincial council office, 8 Public Training Centres and the city?s two associations of young business owners. > The strategic goals that have been pursued with the start- up of the project ACOREUROPA have been: 1. To create training opportunities in European countries which take-up the offer of professional technical training, delivered in the town council. 2. To complete and amplify with practical training of a longer duration in a European business, the professional competence and the work experience which the recently qualified specialists in Professional Technical Training receive in their originating centres, in order to provide them with the necessary skills which will make it possible for them to make the transition from the field of education and training to the job market. > A Coruña is a city in the Northwest of Spain with 246,146 inhabitants. It has more than 11 million square metros of industrial space where you can find sectors such as textile, construction, food, transport, new technologies, the sale and repair of vehicles, the financial sector, legal, insurance and business and renting services, which are their most important economic activities, as well as the tourist, commercial and catering sectors. > Concerning to the participants, 52 have been the people who have benefited from the project .At the beginning, the project was considered for 50 participants, but finally and after the convenient query to the SEPIE, two were increased, having assumed the Town Council the cost corresponding to the trip expenses and linguistic preparation. This extension took place because the length of the work experience of the participants in the first call has to be reduced since the delay in the awarding of SEPIE subvention made it impossible for these participants toachieve to make the 9 months´work experience, owing to being obliged to end their mobilities within a maximum of a year since the moment of their degree. Likewise, a modification in the French legislation has also prevented the participants from fulfilling the totality of the 9 months´work experience in that country. In this way, the excess amount related to the individual support for these not covered periods was redistributed for the two new vacancies. The departures were carried out in several periods:   1st Call:   - France- Bordeaux (1 participant): 10th November 2014/ 24th April 2015   - United Kingdom- Belfast (7 participants), Ireland- Cork (5 participants) and Italy- Florence (4 participants): 10th November 2014- 26th June 2015   2nd Call:   - France- Bordeaux (2 participants): 16th January 2015- 30th June 2015   - United Kingdom- Belfast (8 participants), Ireland- Cork (9 participants), Austria- Vienna ( 6 participants) and Italy- Florence (10 participants): 16th January 2015- 25th September 2015   All the selected participants fulfill the requirements that were set at the beginning of the Project:   - To have a medium degree in professional studies taught in a high school or in public integrated centres of professional training of the Town Hall of A Coruña. - Be preferentially in unemployment situation or have scarce professional experience. > Those recently qualified in Technical work received, before their departure, 80 hours linguistic and cultural training in the language of the destination country. This preparation was completed along with 20 hours of specific socio-professional training which is adapted to the professional sector of the destination country. >The reference of this institutional project is the strategic European framework ?Education and Training 2020? and the intended results are: 1. To consolidate the institutional focus towards quality in the training of students in Professional Technical Training of the town based on the creation of opportunities for the acquisition of a high professional ability and a significant command of a second European language. 2. To increase the employability of these students, as well as establishing stronger links between the world of work. 3. To update and innovate the teaching of Professional Training in the town, to the power available to the centres to provide direct experience of the key competencies which they demand in Europe in the different professional areas. 4. To incorporate in the CV the important number of students taking Professional Training, the transnational components and the international recognition of their professional ability, by way of European certificates (EUROPASS) as well as the command of a foreign language. 5. To consolidate the inter-sector cooperation as an effective work tool for establishing a stable and continued link between the world of education, training and the world of work and the consistent joint application of the different synergies.
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