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Achieving Sustainable Programmes in Regeneration and Entrepreneurship: Jordan, Lebanon and Palestinian Territories, Occupied
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

This Project aims to enhance the capacity of the six consortium universities in JL, LB and PS by enabling them to develop sustainable programmes in entrepreneurship in their countries. The specific objectives of the Project are: (i) To develop and implement a 3-module Enterprise Pathway in each university, using VLE delivery. (ii) To develop and implement a Masters Programme in Entrepreneurship in each partner country. (iii) To promote the adoption of the Bologna system (together with QA procedures, ECTS and Diploma Supplement). (iv) To improve the human capacity of partner country universities by providing upgrading opportunities in the EU for younger members of staff. These objectives will be achieved through the following activities: (i) short visits for the staff of partner country universities to EU institutions to prepare and develop the content of the three-module Enterprise Pathway programme and learn about the VLE delivery system; (ii) 2-week visits for professors to EU universities to prepare teaching material for the new Masters Programme; (iii) short teaching visits by EU professors to the three countries; (iv) 3-month study periods for younger staff at EU universities to upgrade their knowledge; (v) short visits by senior staff of partner country universities to BE, FR and IT to learn the experience of EU institutions which have adopted the Bologna system.The direct target groups of this Project are the staff of the six partner country institutions, particularly the younger staff, and students on the two new Entrepreneurship Programmes.This regional Project also aims to enhance the cooperation between universities in the region and with EU partner institutions. The EU partners of this Project have a rich experience of entrepreneurship education and a successful track record of previous Tempus projects which will ensure that the consortium will be able to meet the Project objectives.
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