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Accreditation for business - Competence validation and professional certification in enterprise management and administration

The project aims at the development of methodologies for validation of competences acquired by informal and non-formal learning processes, based on already existent products and on the experience of the project partners. It will follow shared European principles regarding description and validation of formal and informal education in order to construct profitable, top-quality validation methodologies for skills competences acquired informally by professionals for immediate application in the territories participating in the project. A second stage, applicable to industrial sectors regionally and nationally within Europe, would involve rounding out skills that have simply been 'picked up' (i.e. informal rather than formal learning) by providing training modules linked to 'units of competence'. Target groups are managers of enterprises, especially in the agricultural and food sector, the retail trade and the hotel and restaurant sector. Especially targeted groups are older professionals who lack formal accreditation of their competences but have working experience. Final and potential users of the project results are VET management institutions and official bodies as e.g. the Chambers of Commerce. The planned results include: information material, an orientation guide, a list of competences, a self-evaluation questionnaire and VET modules, available in 5 partner languages.
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