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Accompanying Measures for Leonardo Mobility Projects
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

The project ACMEmob will develop accompanying actions in order to promote the LdV programme's objectives and the results of the projects carried out by the partners.The acronym of the project is from the Greek language. It has been choose because it is full of meaning related to the activities to be carried out. The Greek word Q , in a literal translation, means flower of age, youth, energy, but also apex, extremity, climax. Moving into a non literal level, it could be translated as "rigorous criticism".We started from this point to identify the activities of this project:- Carry out a critical research about the mobility activities carried out by the partners involved since 2005;- Analyze the data obtained to find the strengths and weaknesses of the actions undertaken;- Create an effective communication and information system to disseminate the results of the investigation in the territories observed;- To encourage, make available and emphasize the activities of LdV mobility programme.According to this assumptions, the project includes the following activities: 1) the creation of a research-action to be performed in all areas involved, aimed to obtain data about the projects, in terms of quality and quantity;2) identification and implementation of measures for effective information and dissemination to promote the results and the visibility of the LdV programme at all the levels involved (participants, companies, institutions, schools, universities).The project counts on a wide, well-structured and heterogeneous partnership, with a great experience in project management in the European transnational mobility field. IDI will be the managing partner and Integra Consultoria the co-ordinating partner.

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