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Accompagner les élèves dans la construction de leur identité européenne
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school offers a wide range of educational programs and continuing studies, namely : general secondary studies, technological college, technical college and higher educational studies. Our school is located in a rural area where student life is more sedentary. For some years now, many of our teachers have organized exchanges with foreign schools as well as trips abroad.It is our desire now to now offer a fuller, more global program to our students in the means of European openness and to build a real school project that encompasses this open-mindedness for all levels:- by corresponding with other young Europeans (students in fifth form),- by a better knowledge of the European Union (history, establishments, economic stakes) - through European exchanges (students in year 12),- through real life situations that use their linguistic knowledge in a school setting such as evenings where the exchange families are presented, welcoming visitors in the city, ...,- through work-experience exchange programs (for upper sixth year students).Our overall goal is for our students to realize that for better business integration, better personal development and the construction of a better future start with opening up to others, through communication, self-reflection for betterment through cultural, professional and human exchanges and experiences. We are also certain that this type of project can allow youths who are not motivated to give more meaning to their schooling.The projects mentioned below can only be achieved if we, the teachers, are educated and comfortable with the use of foreign languages and if we know the cultures of our European neighbours. These teachers are teachers in the following areas:- English- Communication -Organization -Administrative Management- Industrial Construction- Physical and Sports Education- History - Geography and Art History- Industrial maintenanceThe arrival of the appointed professional and technological training director to our group has been a real asset. Our team is supported by the school’s administrative committee as well as by the school’s management services.To help us productively carry out this project as well as to obtain the necessary tools for its success, there are 7 professors who wish to participate in a two week training course in Galway (Republic of Ireland) from Monday, October 10 – Friday, October 21, 2016. The goal is to enhance our use of the English language, to learn about the Irish school system, to continue acquiring the specific tools to teach our respective subjects in English and finally, to further our understanding of the social codes, traditions and customs of the country which will help us to assist our students in the preparation and the fulfillment of their required working training experience abroad (PFMP -- Work Experience Training Period) for Year 13 (upper 6th). The training organization, SILC, “Séjours Internationaux Linguistiques et culturels” (International Linguistic and cultural Trips) will insure the organization of the logistics for this training. With these new skills and understanding, we feel that our school/administrative project to open a European Section within the SEP (Professional Education Section) will:- easier (for undertaking administrative steps abroad)- more legitimate (better linguistic skills in regards to working with the students)- more pertinent (thanks to the acquired knowledge about the realities of the socio-economic and cultural codes of our neighbors),- more motivated ( through the desire to share our experience)- more motivating for the students (because with a very real experience of immersion and setup thanks to our reinforced skills and knowledge)- a motor within our school and our town towards a greater European openness (news and school projects as well as bilingual activities and cultural openings in our area). For example, working with our National Heritage intermediaries for the City of Fontenay le Comte, city of Art and History for the National Heritage Day...)This is why we are asking for your help for our Mobility Project, a substantial financial support of which we are very aware, but for which the fruits will also be very consequential for all of us, and especially for our students (starting this winter/spring 2017 because 2 of our students have asked to do their required work experience training abroad which our team has accepted due to their motivation and, in theory, we are planning for these work experiences abroad beginning within the next year or two.) .
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