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Start date: Feb 11, 2010, End date: Aug 11, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project FOR_ACCESS takes the issue of maintenance and enhancement of cultural heritage represented by the defensive fortifications.From Liguria to the west, in fact, the whole of Tuscany and Corsica and Sardinia, hundreds of fortified settlements of varying nature, size and age, testify to the centuries-old history of the area, and the troubled events that led to building a such a complex defensive system.The overall project objective is to enhance even the prospect of attracting tourists, this incredible heritage in the widespread cross-border cooperation to ensure sustainable access to sites, cooperation between institutions and practitioners in the management of the circuit, and His marketability in the international tourism market.The project thus aims at involving the general public, in relation to knowability of the more defensive fortifications.The recipients of the actions are both local actors in the area of ​​cooperation (government agencies, businesses, individuals, and site management, tourism promotion centers, various stakeholders) and tourists (schools, historians, art lovers, visitors in general), with particular attention to the disabled.The design guidelines for intervention following four aspects: knowledge of the heritage, the accessibility of sites, joint management of the entire defense system and the promotion and advertising of the tourist circuit FOR_ACCESS. Ascertained the state of the fortifications, and collected historical data and technical help to spread the knowledge, will be provided to all users use the site, either through pilot interventions related to physical and virtual, is through experimentation a management model in which local actors are also involved. Targeted initiatives to promote and Communication will then transform the circuit FOR_ACCESS into a tourism product recognizable on the international market.Specific feature of the project is the concept of "quality" across encompassed all its components, which provides a sustainable approach to the design and implementation of any activity (renewable energy, green purchasing, waste management, responsible behavior, etc..), A 'attention towards the disabled and the socially weak, and management of a tourism circuit that meet predetermined quality standards. Expected Results:  Increased dissemination of information available on the websites involved in the project;  Increase and spread information about the accessibility of the pilot sites  Facilitated use of sites through sustainable solutions;  reaching energy independence of the pilot sites  Identify the guidelines in a participatory manner for the sustainable management of the circuit FOR_ACCESS;  Model management experience;  Economic players and schools involved in the circuit;  Increased recognition of the circuit.

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  • 2007 - 2013 Italy - France Maritime (IT-FR)
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