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Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

There is a wide-ranging consensus among NGOs working in support of international development initiatives that the sector is constrained in capacity and credibility by the lack of a single, internationally- recognised and -accredited qualification in the field of relief and development, and that the provision of such a Europe-wide Diploma would add greatly to the level of professionalism, to the ability to attract strong candidates into the sector, and to the degree of competence and credibility of the sector - not least, in the eyes of donors and partner Governments, in Europe and elsewhere. Currently, there are two key problems, all provision of qualifications in International Development is academically skewed - Degree level programmes focus almost exclusively on theories, facts, information and perspectives in order to help them achieve an understanding of the issues in development. They offer either vague and generalist information-based courses, or extremely narrow thematic concentrations. There is very little offered to help students master tools necessary for managing real-life development problems, opportunities and situations and certainly no appropriate EU-wide CPD qualification. Current provision is fragmented, discrete, uneven and lacking in standardisation or coherence. Following consultation with NGOs and Charities the Consortium has recognised that For Europe to develop capacity in the sector, there has to be consistency, rigour, recognition and credibility. A fully accredited, pan-European diploma combining employability skills with an intellectual understanding of concrete development issues, would help strengthen capacity throughout the sector and thus help to achieve important EU development goals. The outputs will include the development of and implementation/exploitation of a CPD qualification that is on the EQF, has been developed on a pan-EU basis, recognised by and taken up by organisations and individuals in the sector.

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