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Access and Regeneration of Cultural Heritage in Walled Towns (ARCHWAY)
Start date: Aug 31, 2004, End date: Dec 30, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ARCHWAY is developing a pan-European network for walled towns, enabling them to share information and exchange best practice on issues that affect them all. Building on the experience of the Walled Town Friendship Circle (WTFC), the network intends to become the principal source of European policy, good practice, innovation and excellence in the conservation, promotion, development, management and spatial planning of historic places. Achievements: Achievements so far Final approval was granted in November 2004 for the 'Archway' project which is being led by Chester City Council on behalf of the Walled Towns Friendship Circle. The project runs till 31 December 2007. It consists of a partnership of 10 member cities from 8 countries, 5 of whom will run a two part themed workshop in their towns, resulting in the production of good practice guides for use by all members in the Circle and others in subjects very relevant to the management of historic walled towns. All partners are sending their own specialists to contribute to each workshop. Before each workshop partners receive a questionnaire particularly developed on the relevant subject, which is then analysed. The results become the basis for the discussions at the workshop, to provide case studies and good practice elements. So far into the programme 5 steering groups have taken place, in Chichester (England), Den Bosch (Netherlands), Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), Piran (Slovenia) and Lucca (Italy). All the workshops are completed; Conservation and Protection Enhancement -Den Bosch, Transport - Valletta, Spatial Planning - Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tourism Development and Visitor Management -Piran, Creative Development & Cultural Heritage Management -Lucca. A high level of partnership commitment by the vast majority of partners has been shown throughout the operation of the project. This was greatly assisted by the appointment of a Project Co-ordinator based at the Lead Partner, Chester in April 2005. Unfortunately due to a political shift in the City of Pecs, this supporting partner was not able to attend workshops or contributed to the GPG’s development since mid 2006. Therefore the partner was removed from the partnership in this period and the budget re-distributed. The operation of the project is proving a greater success with the use of a more refined working approach being adopted. This unplanned refinement is the use of small expert task groups to develop the findings of part 1 workshops in each specialist subject before the findings are finalised at each part 2 workshops. Before starting the 2nd workshop a separate partner meeting was held to discuss the progress of each guide and the content of the legacy conference. The Legacy Conference took in Chester, 25 -26 June. The 5 draft GPG’s were presented to the participants, workshops took place to discuss the challenges and the way forward related to the five themes. During the conference the first meeting for the Technical Network for the WTFC was launched. During the last period of the project the five draft guides were edited and finalised for distribution in the New Year. A leaflet summarising the main areas; Archway Principles, Challenges, Issues and Way forward of the themes was produced. A newsletter which focussed on the Legacy Conference and summary of the accessibility workshop was written. Information on the project can be read via the Archway website:
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