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Accepting MultiCulti
Start date: Jun 8, 2008,

The European Union opens new possibilities for its countries' inhabitants. These new potentials also create new questions. One of EU:s main goals is to make it easier for people within the union to cross the borders. This puts the member countries in a new position. Eventually it will be more common for people to move between countries and this will lead to people with different cultures living together and having to cooperate. The youth exchange will therefore be about cultural differences and the possibilities and challenges with a multi cultural society. The exchange will take place in Stockholm, Sweden between the 8th and 15th of June (8 days). There will be 4 participating countries, Rumania, Turkey, Greece and Sweden, all together 30 participants (including leaders). Participants will take part in different kinds of discussions and exercises of valuation to exchange experiences. The contestants will also be presented Stockholm and Swedish Culture by doing different kind of excursions.
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