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Academic reading and oral practice in a foreign language
Start date: 11 Jul 2016, End date: 10 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the school year 2014/15 Rungsted Gymnasium joint an educational project under the name 'The learning student'. This project was made to improve student learning, and the whole school is part of it. 1- A group of teachers works with visual learning; try to make teaching more transparent and accessible to students.2- Another group is working with academic reading; which aim is to work with students' overall reading skills and their ability to read academic texts. In addition, this group will also work with benefits / problems by professional reading on the screen (computer, iPad, etc.). 3- and the last group is developing a 'writing-metro' (a type of newspaper); which will act as a virtual platform to demonstrate students what requirements are for the different writing genres in the different subjects. We wish to develop new tools to teach our students all of the above learning strategies; with a main focus on how to put words to academic reading in a foreign language.Academic reading should be undertaken by all teachers in all classes. It is therefore of paramount importance that the teachers explicitly work to sensitize students to the subject's language , genres , objectives, requirements, and to supply them with the main reading strategies; But how can we get students to read better in a foreign language and to express this knowledge verbally as well? . This project will better our motivation of learning new teaching methods. We would like to learn techniques that make learning to read in a foreign language fun for our students, and to put all this knowledge into practice; by transforming reading into active oral presentations. We would like for our students to read, write and speak Spanish as much as possible.The participants of this project will be 3 of our Spanish Teachers, who also teach other subjects as well. The process of the participant's selection, the disclosure of the results and the evaluation of the project will be carried out by the participants.The academic reading project will be integrated with the already school project "The learning student".The expected results will have a significant impact on the teachers, its linguistic competences, motivation, self-esteem, and increase innovation for developing new activities for the students. In the long term we will be able to see the improvement in the school results and its motivation for learning, which will be the outcome of the new didactic tools acquired by our teachers. It will give Rungsted Gymnasium new dynamics in curricular and extracurricular activities with students; a multicultural and multilingual school with motivated professionals, and an increased interest and knowledge in European matters, it will also increase its interest in participating in similar activities.
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