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Academic-Industry Partnership towards Development of Trainers and Educators for Technicians in Egypt
Start date: Dec 1, 2013,

This project aims at creating a solid academia-industry integrated diploma for the development and training of technical teachers in Egypt targeting most needed areas, namely mechanical, industrial, electrical and mechatronics to produce a new generation of technical teachers equipped with international standard and industry-oriented technical knowledge, who shall be capable to fulfill Egypt’s imminent need of qualified technicians. This shall be realized by an EG and EU-accredited diploma lasting for 9 months, 6 of which covered at the participating universities and the remaining 3 months shall be covered by practical courses at the industry. The EU-certification is granted by FESTO (World’s leader in technical education and global manufacturer of industrial high end equipment). The 6 month academic part shall be split in both theoretical (1/4) and practical training (3/4) using FESTO Authorized and Certified Training Centers, which shall be a key ingredient in the success of the project due to the high quality standard of this global chain of German training centers. This shall complete the cycle started with a former TEMPUS project (AES), which targeted Master students and professional engineers in Mechatronics. The targets for this project are technical teachers in Middle Technical Institutes, vocational schools and the newly established chain of Industrial Technical Clusters, owned and managed by the Educational Development Fund in Egypt. The proposed diploma shall be developed in cooperation between universities, public authorities, NGOs and industry. The plan is to start running this diploma during the third year of the project to account for fine adjustments. A gap analysis will be developed and followed by comprehensive course development, which is based on actual academia-industry relationship. A wide community impact is expected from the outcome of this project as outlined by various stakeholders from the educational and industrial communities.

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