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"Absentismo Escolar: Atención a la Diversidad como estrategia de inclusión en el Modelo Nórdico"
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our High school is located in La Rinconada, a town with around 38.000 inhabitants, 11 kilometres from Seville, the capital city of Andalucía, Spain. It is the biggest of the Admistrative Region of northern Seville, with 1515 students and over one hundred workers. The age range of our students goes from twelve years old to adult age. We offer Secondary Education (12-16), and Upper Secundary Education(16-18) with a varied curriculum of subjects. We also offer Professional Training Education for the areas of Automotives and Automobile Repairs, and Electricity and Electronics, at three different levels. We have Adult Education Programmes in the evenings, where our students can receive Secundary, Upper Secundary and Professional Education.We take part in different Educational Programmes with the local Government, Social Services and Healthcare services. Our High School also offers a Bilingual Programm, since 2005, with part of its curriculum in English, for the students of Secundary and High Secundary Education who want to enrol in it.The social and economic level of our students is varied, although most of them come from a middle-low background. The economic resources of the area were traditionally agricultural, based in producing fruits and vegetables, but in the last years, because of the construction of several industrial parks, certain industrial tissue is consolidating in La Rinconada and its surroundings.Our High school has 89 students with diagnose of Special Needs, this is the biggest ratio in the area of northern Seville. Many of them have this diagnose because they belong to disadvantaged groups, such as inmigrants, small ethnic communities or because of belonging to families in the verge of poverty. Some others come from dysfunctional families.Because of this circunstances, our High School has a very high level of Early School Leaving, higher than 24%. This DUPLICATES the european overage.We take part in several specific programmes to prevent Early School Leaving, working hand in hand with the Social Workers of the local Social Assistance Area of La Rinconada. However, we find it very necessary to learn new methods and strategies to increase retention of our at risk learners. The Scandinavian Educational Systems have the best results in this aspect in Europe.Our project is to enrol in the course "Reaching, teaching and keeping learners. Methods and approaches to reach and increase retention of at risk learners" , in Iceland, a country with excellent results in this area. It lasts one week, from the 6th to the 12th of August 2016, during our summer holidays. We found it in School Education Gateway platform.We expect to learn methods and strategies that will help us reduce this preocupating Early School Leaving ratio. The Head of the Counselling Department, (C2 English ) or some other member of the Counseling Department would have the profile most appropiate for this activity. The School Council, with representatives of teachers, students, parents and City Hall authorities would make the final decision.We plan to create a CD with the information we get in the course, telling also our personal experiences and how we think we can use this knowledge in our community. We would offer this digital material to other schools in the area, and also to the local and national press. We think they woul be ready to publish some of this knowledge, as Early School Leaving is one of the most serious problems we face in Spain. We would also upload it in the E-tweenig platform.Although it´s not our main target, we plan to meet personaly some teachers who work in schools near Reijkievik whom we have contacted by E-twenning, interesd in working with us in future student exchange programmes. We believe that, with a low cost for the European Union, we will improve our Special Needs skills, reducing this way our Early School Leaving rate. Sharing the knowledge we get, we expect to create a long lasting impact in our Andalucian and Spanish community, and help other education professionals innovate their practice.The professionals who have prepared this project have extensive teaching and programming experience, good knowledge of English and a lot of enthusiasm to deliberate and carry on the innovations we need.
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