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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of this project was identified during a youth exchange under Youth in Action where mobility of young people was discussed with the ease of movement within the EU was discussed and the ability of young people to go and work in other countries. Many young people are able to travel either for studies or for work. In some cases, young people have no choice but to travel to other countries in order to find employment. Sadly, though most of our young people are not prepared for what they will find when moving to other countries. Our project will look at the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad. We will look at the various elements of living abroad and how this reflects on our lives in our home country. Will we have better conditions? We will also look at options that young people could consider in their own countries before they decide that there is no other option but to go abroad. We hope that our project will give the youth a better understanding of the risks and the advantages of going abroad so that they can make better life choices. We believe that this project has given the participants the knowledge and the tools to understand the complications that could arise from moving to another country and we also gave them the tools to prepare for such a move and make more informed choices regarding employment and life in another country. We gave them to the tools to understand the freedom of mobility and to embrace it for their own benefit and the benefit of the EU. We learned the importance of the EU and how it works and how we place and active and important role in the EU. The objectives of the project were to identify the dangers and also the advantages of young people moving to other countries either for education or for employment. We looked at the differences in salaries in other countries and identified the cost of living in our countries using the knowledge of each of the participants, allowing us to share the real costs of living in our countries compared to the salaries offered. Factors like cost of living in other countries, income and possible discrimination or alienations were covered in detail. We explored the roots of discrimination and how we can help stop stereotypes being created and how to support our cultures in other countries, and also how to respect the cultures and differences of others in our country. The idea of the project was not to promote or hinder mobility but to give young people the ability to make more informed choices before they consider such a big move, and we believe that the participants have gained this knowledge and were able to share this with their peers and their organisations, allowing many more young people to benefit from this experience and knowledge. By understanding the risks involved and the difficulties they might encounter, but also seeing some of the great advantages of going abroad we can help young people make the right choices for them in deciding to go abroad or not.

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