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Abre los Ojos
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Abre los Ojos" (Open Your Eyes) is a project that works to improve coexistence, opening the eyes of the observers "by-standers" key pieces in the resolution of conflicts and in preventing bullyingContext and project goals:Our school, on its educative project, has as the general objective to provide educational attantion that implements the maximum possible development for every pupil and the cohesive action of all the members of the community, that is to say, get beyond the educative integration and reach the proper educative insertion.As a concrete goal we search for the develpment based on the dialog where the conflicts become a real social and personal growth opportunity.Within a Coexistence Improvement Program in the Educative Centers, the conflicts resolution and the Bulling prevention should acquire a relevant role. It is on this aspect that the current European Project KA1 focuses its main attention: School bulling prevention and conflicts.Number and Teachers profile (9 teachers out of the high school staff):1. Formative Activity, Educational Research Journey on the detection and prevention from Scholar Bulling in Finland: It will be developed by two teachers from our high school, the headmaster and the Educative Counselor, who will spend five days in Helsinki in order to learn about the Finish Educational system "in situ", attending different classes in different schools where bulling is being treated and attending to formative sessions devoted to the following aspects: - Design of learning enviroments (personal, social, technical and physical aspects) - Teachers Formative Action in this field to deal with bulling. - Suitable means and methodologies to detect the problem. - School-Family-Society interaction. - Proper curricular changes in order to prevent the issue. - Treatment of cultural differences and diversity as the main source of bulling prevention.2. Job-shadowing activity: It would consist of travelling to one specific Educational European Center located in Helsinki in order to practice some observational tasks about dealing properly with bullying in a simultaneous working which should involve teaching staffs as well as pupils side, families and other relevant social agents. Two teachers from our high school would develop this activity.3. Activities aimed at improving linguistic skills: Consisting of nine staff formative journeys of English linguistic competence improvement, which would be taking place for 14 days at teachers’ formation centers in the United Kingdom. All the participants in this activity will stand as part of the Center Coexistence Commission.RESULTS AND EXPECTED IMPACT ON THE FOLLOWING AGENTS:• School Leadership Team: How to manage material and personal resources of the high school in order to implement new educational practices related to bullying prevention.• Faculty: The teaching staff will acquire a suitable knowledge in several tools and procedures aimed at establishing a Bullying Prevention Plan in the educative center. Such action will encourage the pupils to promote social and communal competence. The participants in the project will also experience an improvement in their English language skills so that a better knowledge of international bullying prevention experiences can be tackled, and at the same time, the 4thobjective in our European Development Planshould be favoured.• Students: They will learn constructive ways of coexistence. Pupils should assume their responsibility against it, no incitation to bullying and the support to the victims. A change in the “by-standers” students ‘attitude will occur and the public appreciation and opinion on school, the academic motivation and scholar efficiency would also get better.• Family: Families would be more informed and they might feel more confident towards the resolution procedures on conflicts that happen at their school so they will be able to feel themselves as an active part of the process and thus, take part on it.• Other social agents: For our Regional Education Government We might be considered as a good example of the proper practice and encourage other high schools to follow suit. The Town Hall could adjust Youth Activities according to this program. The project will be used as an instrument inside Childhood Protection Networking.LONG TERM BENEFITS: The main long-term benefits would be the reduction in number of bullying cases in our educational center as well as the use of strategies, which let us make the coexistence get better within the high school. On the other hand, we expect to improve the teacher´s Linguistic Competence Level and count this way on a …..staff.

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