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Abraco (pronounces as Abrasso), A workshop, rnb, rap hiphop, dancehall youth festival.
Start date: Jun 4, 2004,

Abraço (meaning embracing) was a project for youth from minority backgrounds, which brought together break dancers, MCs, R&B musicians and DJs to set a great youth celebration in Oslo. This way the young people art scene of Oslo and Norway was empowered. Young people who had never travelled out of Paris were invited, as were youth from England and Sweden. The purpose of the project was to create an arena where young people with artistic ambitions could meet, develop ideas together and show their work. The on-site sessions started with diff erent workshops on dance, rap, studio re cor ding, and song writing. The workshops were assisted by professional musicians, producers, lawyers dealing with copyright issues and fi lm producers. One of the important results of the project was the exposure of the theme of “Europe of today and tomorrow – a common European youth identity”. Through music and dance performances the youth identity was made visible to the public. A big outdoor stage was set up in the local community one week after the workshop started. Every day between 1pm–5pm, the outcomes of the workshops were presented to the general public, including people of diff erent ages and backgrounds. In the evenings, local professional clubs presented dance and music performances.
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