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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This Project will be held in the chair of Pehlivankoy Cok Programli Anadolu Lisesi Mudurlugu and with Akoren Ali Asik Cok Programli Anadolu Lisesi and Sefaatli Ismail Yesilyurt Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. The Project contains Electrics-Electronics Tecnologies Field students. Because of Labor Safety is a large scala subject and differs for any Field this Project will be only focused on Electric-Electronics Tecnologies Field students. In our becoming industrialized country, occupational accidents increase as a side effect of its industrialization. On this subject the Labor Safety regulations and bylaw are revised and published on 27th November 2010 on Official Journal within the framework of EU Accordance Laws. Besides according to the Law which is approved on 10th September 2014 by T.N.A. (the Turkish National Assembly) in Package Law; the private sector and government agencies have been performing their legal liabilities on Labor Safety by the commissions which are founded by the Law. But as the first step our Employers and employees should have had a new perspective about Labor Safety. This newly perspective consists of three stages. These stages are; 1. Employee Mentality: Which means removing the mentality of ‘I will be okay no matter what’ and thick-skinned style from the minds of employees by education. 2. Process Management: Changing the all construction from up to down for all hierarchic sequence 3.Legal Process: As mentioned above its got started. Our goal is supporting the process of changing the employee mentality and the process by this project. Thats Why Labor Health an Labor Safety Education are vital for the students ongoing Vocational Schools. Statistics indicates that we have lots of occupational accidents end with big disasters, and they effect individuals, their families, and the whole society, and causes loss of labor in our country. International Labor Organization’s (ILO) and World Health Organisation’s(WHO) data Show that (in 2013 1235 and in 2014 1886 occupational accidents end with death) our country is the worst on occupational accidents among Europan Countries and the third worst among Devoloping countries. This was an important reason for us holding this Project. The main reason for us to hold this Project is; Mine and Electrics fields are the two fields that the most Occupational accidents happen. And what a pity that, some of our teachers take part in this Project experienced the death of a few students on electrics field just after their graduation. EU countries have a-hundred-year experience on this subject and they have no compensation about Labor Safety, Labor Discipline. As Turkey we also need to perform this kind of Labor Safety Discipline immediately. The 10th Developing Plan prepared in our country for 2014-2018 has 313 and 323. Articles which talk about “The Labor Health and Safety culture will be developed by supervising and encouragement , The Labor Health and Safety standards will be accommodated, and enough expert personnel will be provided on this Field.” Shows us that how vital the subject is. Labor Safety has important additive effect on either increasing the employment or empowering Turkey’s global market force. To make our human resources workable in EU markets in a succesful way depends on directly Labor Safety. If we dont give primary importance to the Labor Safety, it will be inevitable for our country (which has a seventy percent young population) to have a consuming unhappy society instead of producing happy society. For our students to see the importance given to Labor Safety in Europan Countries on the field in hosting Country will be so useful. Therefore they will be able to share their experiments to other techninal personel and factories when they work in future. Thus we are planning to make them be aware about the innovations and advancements By the education, visits to factories and enterprices and study-internship our students will have vital knowledge and experiments. Thus Labor Safety, Labor Discipline and work site arrangements willl be known by our students. By reflecting these acquisitions to vocational education foundations and enterprices will be very helpful on preventing occupational accidents. Germany which is granted as the industry giant of EU has the most employment on the sectors which are known with the most occupational accidents but for ILO statistics indicates that the least occupational accidents take place in this country. This data shows that Germany is a leading country about Labor Safety. When we gave consideration we all agreed on carrying this Project in Germany. The Project will be be effectuated between 08.11.2015-21.11.2015 with 12 students from each school; total 36 students and 4 accompanying persons
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