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AB Perspektifinde Organik Zeytin ve Zeytinyağı Üretimi
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Aydın Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock carries out activities in all stages from production to consumption, and executes her duties to ensure secure food supply from farm to fork, to raise welfare of producers and level of consumer satisfaction, providing the use of water, land, plant and animal resources in efficient and sustainable way with environmentally friendly approach. In the project, it’s proposed that 30 selected personnel of adult education & training who both work for the provincial directorate&partner institutions and give TRAINING TO ORGANIC OLIVE/OLIVE OIL PRODUCERS, are going to participate job-shadowing/observation activities in organic olive/olive oil production aiming to improve their professional development. The main reasons for this proposal are: 1. It’s required to observe EU practices/approaches of organic olives/olive oil production, processing, packaging and marketing stages in EU counterparts; 2. The Provincial Directorate requires to improve the professional qualifications of her staff who give training to producers &manufacturers in order to carry out training-extension services more effective. In the project, it’s aimed to support professional developments of participants in the field of education, training/extension in organic olives/olive oil production, to get to know the culture of the country where job shadowing/monitoring activity will be actualized, to create awareness related to cultures, to contribute foreign language proficiency, to create international communication network, to introduce/develop sense of European citizenship & to develop institutional capacities & bring international dimension. In the scope of protecting natural resources&environment, providing ecological balance&sustainability, increasing efficiency of institutions acting a part in organic farming which doesn’t harm human health and environment, is controlled & certified at all steps from production to consumption in order to provide safe products to consumers; Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock with being the authority in all stages of organic farming determined by the regulation, EU and Foreign relations Coordination Centre of Aydin Governorship with having powers in EU-related issues, European policies, directives, Development Foundation of Çine with 869 producers & Organic Olive Producers Union of Karpuzlu with 1040 producers doing organic olive farming and ICEA ITALY have been brought together as project partners. Group of participants will be formed by 30 people among staff & decision-makers who will strengthen the capacity & international dimension of their institution, working on organic agriculture, food security, cooperation, EU matters & projects in the Provincial Directorate and in the EU Coordination Center, and the staff working in the Foundation& the Union. The participants, are going to be determined according to working areas of expertise, willingness, solution oriented, and the other specified criteria by the team. Mobility abroad has been planned in Italy in 2groups of 15 people considering olive harvesting, processing, marketing, BIOL in Italy: 1st in Mar/Apr 2016; 2nd in Oct/Nov 2016. The project team is going to carry out activities of preparation, mobility abroad, job shadowing/monitoring, extension&dissemination, monitoring&evaluation in cooperation with the participants-institutions, by establishing regular means of communication through meetings, phone, e-mail, google groups etc. from the signing of the contract to finishing. Following outcomes & impacts are expected with “Strategic Approaches from EU in Organic Olive oil & Olive production” project: - Increasing level of knowledge&consciousness in Organic olives/olive oil production, marketing techniques &the EU standards; - Contributing to the solutions for the problems in Organic olive-olive oil production & marketing; - Being able to compare and apply of the techniques in EU and in Turkey in terms of training and extension; - Getting to know European culture and feeling the sense of EU citizenship; - Strengthening of the institutional capacity, image and internationalism with the presence of competent and overseas experienced the staff; - Producers, businesses and consumers benefit more effectively from training and extension works. Long-term benefits and impacts of the project can be summarized as follows: - Protecting the ecological balance by expanding organic agriculture & remaining more livable environment for future; - Having more advantageous position in organic agriculture across the country; - Providing healthier living environment and safer food chain in terms of human health; - Contributing to the regional&national economy, increasing agricultural revenue with the growth of income in organic production locally; - Being able to be taken place in the EU and other overseas markets with our brands of olives/olive oil and compete with the exporting countries.
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