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AB Normlarında Hemşirelik Öğrencilerine yönelik Yaşlı Bakımı Staj Eğitimi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our country, prepared starting from the aging of the population and the fact that our implementation project was completed with the realization of a series of activities in countries in Europe and Turkey to benefit from the experience in this field. The implementation of the placement activity has been observed by respondents is directly proportional to the quality standards of the country's wealth. Adopting European standards of developing diseases related to aging in our country in all spheres of life and impacts posed by this situation presented an opportunity to review our project thanks to our participants from the European window. Students who participate in our project, the elderly and patients' care services, necessary and sufficient to make the specialized persons who have professional knowledge and care will be the venue sterilized and otherwise, that the disinfection is extremely important, patient experience and living by seeing himself living conditions are difficult in older people even aggravate they. Public reports and presentations prepared by our region with our schools participating in the consortium with the implementation of our projects in hospitals and health centers, has drawn attention to the importance of elderly care training. As indicated by our students made their presentations and lectures in hospitals health centers in their respective schools and other training; "Old age due care to needy individuals living the most important factors in maintaining a healthy way, to be equipped in the sense that professional people who perform the maintenance and care of hygiene and sterility made the media the truth" is constantly emphasized. Also; The goals of our project, our students patients and provided alternative employment opportunities in the professional field they trained our students will graduate and grown as individuals are eligible elderly care field, both in our region in accordance with the required quality standards in the health sector, the elements have qualified technical knowledge and skills by our organization to grow It was performed. employment in this area is open to students drawn attention. Thus, graduate students in professional fields that grow their own or institutional support will be given job placement requirements to be met. however, other students who participated in our dissemination outside students who participate in our project, individuals and institutions in need of care who live in our region, contributing to increased quality of life. Leader of the Consortium of our project Kayseri Ahmet Baldöktü Vocational and Technical High School Consortium Members Argıncık Vocational and Technical High School, Kadi Burhanettin Vocational and Technical High School, for example, they have ensured a full participation in the activities of our project by exhibiting work. continuing their education in the field of nursing in each school 10, 11 and 12th grade from students, ages have become participants in our project by selecting the most successful students in belirlenmiştir.okul a total of 45 people, including the majority of female students ranging learners between 15-18. Leader Kayseri Ahmet Baldöktü Vocational and Technical High School 15 board - with accommodation male student Argıncık Vocational and Technical High School 2 male and 13 female students, Kadi Burhanettin Vocational and Technical High School 15 board - has chosen to stay up girls According to the application form criteria. Countries where docking is done; Spain, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands have been. Our students anatomy they receive in their schools, physiology and a 3-week process of change outside technical courses such as disease types, the patient and the mental health of the elderly, nutrition, day care and activities with drug follow-up courses such as disease and old age psychological approach to people who have come into disrepair due, depressive diagnosis and treatment, hygiene and security issues to gain skills and sterilization is provided.   This needs to be applied for the project is covered by the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic in vocational education, training activities, foreign partners in Spain Quiron Hospitales S.L.U. Netherlands Stichting SHDH provided by the Czech Republic Střední zdravotnicka skola. our students' linguistic Besides professional training in mobility processes, cultural, social and Spanish language training in Spain to acquire the behavioral sense, competencies in the Czech Republic socializing containing groups, educational trips and were quite pleased with our students speaking acquaintance activities.
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