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A380 - Building a European Model

The four schools mentioned above have built four model airplanes of the type A380, individually decorated, in international cooperation. Each school has built a certain part of all four planes and, not to forget, each school has sent a certain number of students and teachers abroad to get to know their partner’s schools, cultures, languages and of course to assemble the model planes. In theoretical lessons the students have got taught how to built such planes, how aviation has developed and changed during the years, how to calculate costs for materials and trips or how to organise those trips and visits from and of the partner schools. They've got lessons on communication, translation, web-design or have got to know how a certain type of material can change the flight quality of an airplane. During the last years, each participant of the project has dealt with problems and difficulties which appeared in the course of time and has learnt how to find solutions for the emerging issues. On the other hand, everyone has experienced acceptance and respect for what he or she has done for a successful realisation of the project. Moreover, everyone has been able to show his or her personal talents and possibilities and has broaden his or her horizon by dealing with obstacles and entering new territory.Crowning events have surely been the travels to the particular partner cities and the intercultural encounter. The students have made friends abroad and they are in constant contact and planning visits beyond 'project borders'.Therefore the fact that this project officially ends in July does not mean that it stops for its participants, as plans concerning visiting each other have already been made. In summary, for us this project has been something really big which has changed our lives in an incredibly positive way. We will surely profit from everything we have come across during our work and will never forget that 'our' EU has been able to build a "European Model".
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