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The objective of the project was to strengthen permanent cross-border cooperation in the upper Ljubljanica River area by developing joint tourist and cultural-recreational products and infrastructure. The establishment of permanent cooperation through this project is also the beginning of a future common regional economic area and the strengthening of cross-border relationships in different fields. Cross-border effects of the project: dissemination of results to neighbouring municipalities and regions of the Ljubljanica River basin, permanent cross-border cooperation, motivation of young people to establish new joint cross-border projects by using information and communication technologies, formation of new traditional groups of cross-border cultural and sport or recreational events, establishment of joint tourist and education programmes, and infrastructure and joint management of the area. Achievements: The project was organized cross-border tourism and recreational infrastructure: equestrian path and parking lot as part of the entry points to Cerknica lake. Partners were also cross-border trips, medieval equestrian events and educational workshops on values Ljubljanica basin. They also arranged an exhibition space this basin and infotocko. Developed the cross-border bilateral working group will draw up a new joint projects. The project encourages them to extend the achievements of the neighboring municipalities and regions Ljubljanica basin, to a sustained cross-border cooperation, particularly young people, that would produce a new joint cross-border projects that promote the organization traditional joint cross-border cultural, sports and recreational events as well as common design turisticnoizobraevalnih programs and infrastructure.
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  • 74%   254 817,51
  • 2000 - 2006 Slovenia - Hungary - Croatia (SI-HU-HR)
  • Project on KEEP Platform

3 Partners Participants