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A World of Differences

By our project we have been able to: Know the cultural differences and the common aspects of the different school communities involved, from the secondary education classrooms, carrying out studies and artistic intercultural products that show the richness of all the cultural expressions, the integration of all of them and the common aspects and values. We were able to carry out some quite significant common products along our partnership: On the first year we focused mainly on interculturality and immigration. Each school held different individual actions to raise awareness about immigration and interculturality. Nevertheless the five schools organized a logo contest to represent our European project. The best logos were taken to the German meeting in April 2009. All the schools also wrote poems about interculturality and immigration and were used for the Poetry Workshop also held at the German school. We organized the students in mixed groups and chose the poem they wanted to perform. In the second year the main common activities had a focus on religion and charity. During the visit to Sanliurfa, fourth holiest city of Islam after Mecca, we visited places that are closely related to Abraham, the father of 3 monotheistic religions; in doing so and in performing a theatre play 'One only God' the students got a better understanding of religion. Another focus was charity; all the schools worked together on a Theatre Play which tells the story of Ryan’s Well Foundation. It was performed by all the students from the five schools attending the meeting in Spain last May 2010. Some of the schools have also developed a full solidarity project to raise funds for wells in Africa. We have promoted the communication and understanding among the schools communities and the societies of the different countries mainly by the use of ICT tools and the students’ homestays.

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