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A Transatlantic Dual Masters degree in ICV
Start date: Sep 16, 2010,

Cohorts of 6 US, 3 French, and 3 German students will matriculate as a tightly integrated cohort in a 2-year dual masters degree in international cognitive visualization a brand new field of study at the nexus of cognitive science, applied computer graphics, communication, education, and business emerging from the ubiquity of visualization tools and media in international commerce. Studying a year at California State University-Chico (CSUC) USA, and a semester each at Pierre-Mendes-France University, Grenoble II (UMPF) France and University of Koblenz-Landau (UOKL) Germany, students will attend lectures, work with design teams in business and industry, and conduct research in a heavily supported trilingual educational environment with private-sector partners. All students will earn a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: International Cognitive Visualization at CSUC and a Master in Educational Science with a Vocational training specialty in Training, Employment, Competency from UMPF (ICV Track). 12 meetings are planned for coordination, research, and teaching.
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