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A Thousand Reasons to Communicate
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project started with the desire of working together with other European countries willing to learn from each other, and eager to share experiences, methodologies and create a common piece of work. Our schools may be very different and we all come from diverse cultural backgrounds. But we all have something in common, we want to achieve the same objectives. This project is made up of six schools of different sizes, but in total we have around two thousand students and around two hundred teachers and other professionals. This project is based on three pillars that sustain and give meaning and practical expression to its content: First of all, the development of key competences. Our objectives are directly linked to the development of these main four competences we will be developing. This project will not only improve our students linguistic competence in mother tongue and foreign languages, but it also enhances the improvement of the digital competence in students and teachers. We will work also through cooperation within this joint project, what will help develop our students social and civic competence. The intercultural dialogue and getting to know each other will be essential to increase our students cultural awareness and expression competence. The improvement in linguistic competence will be developed through the prespective of creating a context where students will need to use the language both orally or in written form. That is why we will create different realistic situations and contexts where students will apply new knowledge to different text types. English will be our common language, however, our students mother tongues will be promoted here, too. Besides, the digital competence will be a priority in our association and both students and teachers will used new technologies to communicate and to create joint products. Research, documentation and learning of customs and cultural identities will be a meeting point between cultures and countries participating and everything together will increase the social and civic competences and cultural awareness and expression competence. Through all activities designed, our students will be able to learn from each other. Secondly, we all want to improve the quality of teaching. Reflection and shared review of teaching practices should result in the development and a publication of a common product (intellectual outcome) based on the collection of various integrated teaching units developed in each of the schools following coordinated parameters depending on the tasks to be performed. Teachers' meetings and training are essential to achieve this goal and will help us share common practices, learn from others, create project products, coordinate methodologies, follow approaches... And having the opportunity to roganise some conferences or a seminar to show and disseminate our final product is an assett for all teachers involved in this project. Third, this project will improve the European dimension by promoting the creation of a collaborative scenario and cooperation between schools with contrasting cultures and different styles. From the North, center or South, from East Europe or from the Western part, Anglophones or romances, Baltic or Mediterranean... We will value and enhance the experience of tolerance, respect and multiculturalism in a common European space for work and exchange that will bring together different national and cultural identities. We should also emphasize other key issues in the development of the project : - The importance we give to teacher training in our first meetings of each one of the two years within this project. - The purpose of a publication on paper or digital with didactic units developed, reviewed and evaluated, in order to be able to provide support to other teachers in their daily practice. - And finally, we know it is a challenge for all of us, but we value the importance of students' exchanges. If we are sure that our students will learn a lot participating in this project, their direct involvement in short-term exchanges will allow them to practice the skills developed along the project in real contexts.
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