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A STEP TOWARDS FUTURE, Youth Volunteering and the Challenges of Climate Change
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

The main objective of the project is to empower and enhance Youth capaprty to promote volunteering as a tool to endorse sustainable life styles, and to contrast global warming.Vnriched by the exchange with people living In other areas of the world and dealing with similar global, issues such the Climate Change challenges. The project will develop on the base of outcomes and achievements of the previous "Grounding our Future", Youth 3.2 2010 as well disseminating results also of the parallel "Climcom" Youth 3.2 2010 of the partner KMGNE. The project will widen the perspective of the previous one thanks to the cooperation with two key Chinese partners, encouraging young people to care about the development of EU-China relations in the framework of the EU-China Year of Youth.PHASE 1: Advanced Short term training in each country on North/South Relationships, Climate Change and Youth active citizenship.PHASE 2: Capacity building training, in Rome, with 14 members of all partners aimed at designing a long term strategy and a campaign about Climate Change. Backbone of the campaign will be youth volunteering. The training will develop on two different level: advanced issue of Climate Change and communication tools.PHASE 3: Local Events in each country, 30 participants to give the highest possible visibility to the campaign, to disseminate the results of the training and use the newly adquired knowlwdge, to multiply target groups of the campaign.PHASE 4: Three week itinerant event in China with 21 participants (10 chinese) and 800 people as audience, aimed at supporting relations and cooperation between China and EU on the issue of Climate Change.PHASE 5: Final conference in Berlin, 60 participants, giving visibility to the results of the projects and with all participants attending, Final evaluation of the project and delineation of possible follow up.The dissemination strategy will be based on a skilled use of media and web 2.0, specifically with the awareness campaign developed through the capacity building, and on the reproduction of project results through the wide networks the partners, and even more through the network built on past projects on the topicThe main outputs will be 1) Improved youth participation in civil society, prorfioting answers to climate change challenges 2) Strenghtened relationships EU-China thanks to youth cooperation 3) Organization development and enhanced employabillty of young people on communication and campaigningThe impact will be ensured by highly developed communication tools blended with public raising awareness events about global warming in countries where it is particulary ground breaking and needed.
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