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A step forward in youth employment: enriching regular youth work with quality entrepreneurial learning
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Entrepreneurship mind-set and skills are important and valuable for all youth nowadays, whether they will search for employment and work for other employers or will start-up their own initiatives.This project focuses on trying to bring added value to the youth work for entrepreneurship. We would like to stress that entrepreneurial learning (EL) in youth work is more than seeing entrepreneurship as a practice and learning about business plans. It is rather a mind-set or approach leading to a behavioural transformation towards personal and professional development. While youth work mainly uses learning-by-doing and experiential learning activities, for quality EL this could and should be further enriched with different kinds of practices and learning approaches along a continuum, with the help of Youthpass.The aim of the project is to empower youth workers for enriching non-formal education (NFE) / youth work activities with quality entrepreneurial education and learning, in order to address change in young mind-sets to inspire a new sets of values inclined towards risk taking, venture creation and self-development for the new era entrepreneurship.Objectives of the project are:- Equip youth workers with training in competence-based EL to help them implement, develop and multiply the effect of EL. - Increase the number of learning-by-doing activities and hands-on entrepreneurial practices in youth work- Emphasise the attitudinal component of EL in youth work, by developing a youth entrepreneurial culture with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. - Create entrepreneur-friendly learning environments in our youth work- Support youth work practices like youth initiatives with resources and structures to support young people in their implementation process. Target groups of the project are:- Youth workers active and/or employed within our organisations partners in the project. Organisations partners represented by their youth workers are project direct beneficiaries.- Unemployed youngsters in our communities are the indirect beneficiaries.The core activity of the project is – 8 days long training course. It will be organised in the youth hostel in Split, from 1st till 9th November 2016. Project will gather 30 participants, trainers and staff from 12 organisations and countries (HR, MK, BE, CZ, ES, FR, GR, PT, BG, IT, RO, SI). Project involves at least 16 out of 30 people with fewer opportunities.The training course is based on the approach and principles of non-formal education and is designed as an open learning process based on participants’ experience and exchange. A combination of different creative, participatory and interactive methods will be used and designed upon the profile of participants.All partners will be involved in preparation, implementation and evaluation and follow-up phase and activities during the project, while the preparation team of trainers, facilitators and staff will be comprised of experienced youth trainers and youth workers from applicant and partners from Belgium, Croatia and FYR Macedonia.The biggest impact will be on our youth workers who will learn how to be good learning mentors of personal and professional development of youngsters in communities. They will be equipped with needed knowledge, skills and attitudes for implementing and developing quality youth work activities with EL and for multiplying the effect of EL in their communities. The huge impact is also expected on the partner organisations who will get at least 7 youth workers / volunteers introduced to, empowered and encouraged to start working on implementing EL in youth work activities for the new era entrepreneurship and will start new partnerships on local and European level.We expect increase in number of young people that will get closer to getting a job and will increase their employability skills, through increased quality of youth work EL activities for new era entrepreneurship and (social) enterprises in communities, as long-term perspective of multiplying and sustainable impact.

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