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A School That Speaks The Language Of Its Kids

Learning languages is a life-long learning process, The sooner it starts the better theknowledge in a language will be. Children (pre-primary and primary pupils) are likely tolearn better than adults and the process in more natural. Yet early teaching of a secondlanguage is not a wide-spread education aspect in Europe. SPEAK project aims atdeveloping a pedagogical model to improve the acquisition of a second language in preprimaryeducation with two main goals:– favouring the natural process of language learning at early age.– Supporting pre-primary teachers in the pedagogical process when working in adual-language education process.The main goal of the project is the creation of a pedagogical model to improve theteaching/learning process of second languages in pre-primary schools at Europeanlevel, setting the roots for a transferable, adaptable and updatable method to beextended to all European languages. During the development the project focuses onEnglish teaching in pre-primary education.The project will be carried out in the following EU countries: Italy, Poland, Rumania,Cyprus. The project activity will comprehend:– Creation of an innovative methodology to improve teaching/learning processesof a second language in pre-primary education.– Creation of an omni-comprehensive model including the theoreticalassumptions, the pedagocic strategies and the operative tools to deploy thetheory.– Testing of the developed models at EU level in pre-primary schools of at least5 European countries.– Exploit the results among pre-primary teachers in order to realise a postprojectself-feeding training activity to grant the project results sustainability.– In term of results the project will provide to pre-primary teachers:– An innovative and validated model for second language learning;- Granting validated tools and material to activate positive early learning inlanguages.– Promoting linguistic diversity and interculture, promoting early pluri-linguism.

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