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A scalable quantum architecture (SEQUoiA)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Scientists world-wide are in pursuit of radical proposals to exploit coherent quantum states for a diverse range of applications including communication, information processing, and metrology. Similar to conventional technologies, the quantum machinery will most likely consist of photons and semiconductor devices to create, transmit, receive, and process the quantum information. Indeed, a range of coherent solid-state quantum states which interact with photons have been developed over the last decade. However, the inherent semiconductor promise of scalability has yet to be realized for these quantum systems.SEQUioA takes a highly inventive approach to quantum scalability. It will allow new fundamental investigations into quantum coherence in the solid state and the further development of quantum technologies. SEQUioA will build and exploit a novel architecture to deterministically create a non-local coherent interaction, or entanglement, between multiple remotely located semiconductor quantum dots. The architecture achieves independent optical and electrical control of each quantum dot on the same semiconductor chip. Two distinct types of non-local interactions will be investigated. The first, based on projective measurements of indistinguishable photons, probes and exploits the ideal atom-like behaviour of quantum dots. The second coupling mechanism, mesoscopic in nature, is based on a long-range magnetic interaction between confined spins in spatially remote dots.
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