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A Regional Approach to Innovation for VET and Learning Communities
Start date: Jan 1, 2012,

Vocational Training centres and, in general, most small and medium sized companies do not have tools or systems that let them manage innovation properly. Their management systems are more geared towards tackling the tasks that are their day to day work rather than creating time and resources for forward planning that would enable them to work on innovative projects.The RAINOVA project follows the general aim of encouraging development of innovation systems for the regions represented by the project partners. In order to achieve this aim, firstly we will need to analyse the role played by educational institutions in the innovation system, particularly those working in the field of Vocational Training. So, the study of the different regional innovation systems represents one of the objectives of this project, tackling relations between the different agents within them and how they participate in the innovating process.In the same way, after having analysed the different innovation systems regionally, the project will tackle the challenge of proposing an innovation management model that can be used by any of the agents in these systems, adapting as necessary. This will create a shared vision of the innovating process, in terms of organisations and as a regional system.Finally, the management model will be piloted with a small number of organisations - VET institutions, companies and research organisations.The results of the regional studies and the piloting of the innovation management model will allow project partners to propose initiatives that will work with their respective systems. In order to guarantee shared learning between the different regions and their respective systems, creating a network of regional innovation systems is proposed, encouraging its development and evolution.
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