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A Novel Nano-container drug carrier for targeted treatment of prostate cancer (NANOTHERAPY)
Start date: Feb 1, 2009, End date: Jan 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The essence of the proposal is the fabrication of multiple nano containers which exhibit double and triple stimuli response and site recognition. Specifically, the containers will be grafted by Leuprolide (LP) for prostate cancer recognition. Multiple containers will be filled by two drugs (e.g. LP and DOX) in different compartments not interacting with each other chemically (cocktail of drugs, e.g. Container1 Leuprolide (LP) and Container2 Doxorubicin (DOX)). The release can be excited by internal or external stimuli response. The internal stimuli response of our nanocontainers will require simultaneous recognition of pH, redox and/or T of the tumour. The external induction will be caused by RF excitation (hyperthermia). The nanocontainers will identify the tumour first by the agonist (LP). After trapping the container at the tumour, they will be activated by the double and triple internal excitation. This way, we achieve extremely local chemotherapy of the diseased site and the healthy organs will be untouched. Our smart nanocontainers will be tuned for prostate cancer, but our system will be evaluated for other cases such as breast cancer and thrombosis. The containers will be modified (phase transition, volume change, degradation, etc.) and deliver the drug only and if only the two sensors give positive response. The containers can be excited by external induction (Radio Frequency (hyperthermia) RF or laser light). This revolutionary strategy is necessary because the externally induced delivery methods have the disadvantage that the radiofrequency fields, the magnetic fields and the laser lights are not local but they extend over large space, larger than the size of the tumour. One cannot focus from outside the laser beam directly to the tumour only may be due to lack of imaging facilities. Our technology will prevent the release of drugs in sites where the local values correspond to the healthy tissue."
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