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A novel energy efficient electrodialysis cell to recycle Acids and Bases from industrial process water based on new types of electrodes to enable internal energy recovery (NOVEED)
Start date: Nov 1, 2013, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Within NovEED we will investigate, develop and demonstrate a novel electrocatalytic process based on electrodialysis for the efficient recovery of acids and bases from salt solutions normally discharged at cost. This process is demanded by industrial users of acids and bases, e.g. galvanic industry, metal plating and mining industries, who will be able to regenerate their neutralized solutions to recover fresh acids and bases from their waste rather than through purchase. Through development of a new stack design, process layout and metal foam electrodes with high surface area, plus the inclusion of catalytic coatings, the consortium will demonstrate a process that does not release any gases, unlike SoA electrodialysis processes. With this advantage the NovEED device will avoid all efficiency losses that make SoA processes using external fuel cells expensive and maintenance prone. NovEED will reduce the energy consumption of the electrodialysis process due to the introduction of electrocatalysis to react oxygen generated in the anode to produce water in the cathode. In recovery of sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid this reaction will result in an energy saving of approximately 800 kWh per tonne of each chemical compared to a SoA three membrane ED stack with bipolar membranes. Efficiency will be 80% or more compared to a maximum 50% in SoA applications. We have identified that a market opportunity exists for a cost efficient electrodialysis device that enables industries to recycle used acids and bases to save money and be more environmental friendly. Additionally, the transport and storage of aggressive acids and bases will be decreased making both our streets and industrial areas safer. We anticipate there will be high uptake of this environmentally beneficial new system in industry as it requires no additional effort, and a small initial investment, to achieve significant savings after only 1 years of operation.
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