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A NÓS en Wij Thgether....Build Europe
Start date: Jul 1, 2008,

This bilateral youth exchange is planned to take place in September 2008, gathering 20 young people between 18 and 25 years old and few youthleaders from both Portugal as Belgium. Discovering each other cultures by organising activities for eachother, the youngsters live, play and work together during 6 days. European citizenship and intercultural dialogue are central themes in this exchange which aimes to visit also diverse European institutions in order to discover together possibilities to contribute towards a Europe with respect for Human rights and participation of young people. The young people organise, prepare and evaluate the different activities with each other. The activities will be run by young people themselves, supported by a team of youth leaders and social workers. The Portuguese group consists of youngsters which all have african backgrounds, some directly and some born in Portugal. They wish concretely to understand how and what European citizenship means and how they can contribute to further development of European society. The Belgian group consists of young volunteers and youthworkers. An direct outcome of this project is the empowerment of all the youngsters with the perspective of being able to organise future activities independently of the support of social workers.
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