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A new life, a new future ''Yeni Bir Hayat Yeni Bir Gelecek''
Start date: May 7, 2015, End date: Nov 6, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

AHİ YOUTH GROUP/KIRŞEHİR We are going to organize a new project named ''A NEW LIFE, A NEW FUTURE'' between 09-17 August 2014, as Ahi youth group. Our project will be occured in Turkey/Kırşehir. TURKEY-ROMANIA-AZERBAIJAN-UKRAINE-ITALY- GREECE Our project will be organized in the consept of youth exchange programme with 40 participants.7 people ( 6 participants + 1 group leader) will participate to the project from each country. OUR OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES Our project is written to improve cultural manipulative skills and to grasp the consepts like as cultural fears, entrepreneurship, love of sports and the relation between sport and healthy life. In this context, trainings(by experts) will be given to the people to improve themselves about these basic topics; overcome from cultural differences, support personal development, love of sports, increasing communication and entrepreneurial specialities, english language studies, social consciousness, elimination of prejudices, to not forget cultural handicrafts, introductions of different cultures. Our Project Purpose: We want to support people to aware about their rights, to be more self expressive, to be more entrepreneurial individual. We want to give social awareness to our target audience and to provide young people to be active in youth activities, universities, youth centers and in their social lifes. Besides, with the help of the abilities that participants took from our project, the ability for organizing their own project will be provided. About this topic, we will direct and give all essential information to our participants as a team. Our aim is to emphasize the importance of supporting people with fewer opportunities and personal developments. We will increase the attention of teenages to the sports visibility of the project which will be increased with the exhibition that organised after the workshops and painting works that is made during the process of project. OUR PROJECT ACTIVITIES * Kırşehir presentation, to analyse geothermal resources on the place, Japanese garden visits, *Team works, team games to increase cultural dialogue between participants. *Cultural activities in the scope of cultural meetings * Country Promotional Events and Slideshows, *We are going to make workshops of cultural crafts and painting of each country in youth center.After these workshops ,we are going to organize an exhibition in the Cacabey Square ( Visibility and disserminations works will be in the process of this part.) * Promotional activities about National Agency and European Union. *A short survey will be conducted to the Kırsehir society and University students with the help of participants( What is Erasmus? +, Who is National Agency? , etc..) The output of the results will be descarded to the National Agency with mail. *Kırşehir Municipality visit, Ahi Evran University visit, Voleybol tournament, National Agency presentation to the university students, interactive chat with university students, answering the questions * Group works will be organized about the personal develepment effects of cultural activities. * There is going to be a session about participaton of young people to the social life who has fewer opportunities. *Presentation of a training about increasing employment by our expert. *There will be the issues of citizenship of the European Union in our project.

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