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A NEW CHANCE/ Training Educators for Non-Formal Education/.

The project aims to introduce a teacher training programme in non-formal education.The project is based on the premises that in order to work in non-formal educationteachers need special skills and attitudes. The project plans to meet the growing needfor a qualified work force in the non-formal sector taking into account the growingnumber of teachers who are facing unemployment in the ageing societies of theEuropean Union and especially in the new member States. The project will be run inseveral new member States mainly working with the trade unions who are bothinterested in solving the problems of their teachers members and at promoting publicpolicies in the field.The Project will deliver training in Bulgaria, Slovakia and Cyprus with the support of aninternational group of trainers of trainers. The project aims at establishing a learningcommunity of teachers – union activists who will be actively involved in the elaborationof the training model for educators in non formal education.After the training phase the participants will try to elaborate projects which will helpthem to be involved in the field of non formal education in their own countries or will tryto build international partnerships.The unions involved in the program with the support of the International Federation ofTrade Unions will try to design a EU policy in the field.The Project will open new professional paths for the teachers who leave the formaleducation field or for the teachers wishing to be involved in non formal education.The Project will be a contribution towards the establishment of a European area forlifelong learning and will provide a forum for teachers involved in non-formal education.An innovative set of professional standards and competences will be elaborated as wellas a number of teaching materials for trainers and learners in the field of non formaleducation.

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