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A New Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurial Competencies (NATEC) - Girişimcilik Becerileri Eğitiminde Yeni Bir Yaklaşım
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The entrepreneurship, an overriding issue of recent years, provides an important contribution to the creation of new businesses and to the solution of the employment problem. Entrepreneurship and communication education are also important in formation of entrepreneurial spirit and in the emergence of successful entrepreneurs. The main objective of our school education staff mobility (project total duration: 12 months) which is titled as “A New Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurial Competencies (NATEC)” is to provide our educational staff to be equipped with the entrepreneurial, communicational and network skills so as to enhance these competencies to be taught at school theoretically and practically. Therefore it is important that entrepreneurial educational methodology is to be applied in terms of entrepreneurship curriculum within the EU standards and compatible with European Commission 2020 strategy. Our project is focusing on 10 school education staff mobility activities with two flows which include the training provided by course providers experienced and specialized in personal and professional development in Slovenia and Greece. The participants consist of our school staff who take an active role in developing the entrepreneurial and communicational skills of the students at our school. The participants have taken part actively in the local and international projects implemented by our school. They are open for improvement and eager to learn new approaches at educational field. The participants consist of the teachers (practitioners) and the administrative staff (decision makers) who work actively at school. Our education staff will focus on the following topics, competencies and experiences during the first flow in Slovenia within the scope of the school education staff mobility project: - Expectations about the entrepreneurship course - Contemporary business models, innovation practices - Study visit in innovative company and information sharing - Lean start-up, creating, finding and pursuing business opportunities - Different approaches to market and users’ analysis. Field work and data interpretation - Challenges in teaching design thinking, - Designing the outline of the entrepreneurial educational programme Furthermore, our education staff will focus on the following topics, competencies and experiences during the second flow in Greece within the scope of the school education staff mobility project: - Entrepreneurial spirit, a way of encouraging a change in organizations - Network for management of business activities - Communication competences: (Written and oral) expression and understanding, respect for and understanding of diverse points of views and the approach to satisfying customer needs - dealing with complaints. The entrepreneurial and communicative skills gained by means of the training will be applied at our school actively. By the training courses, it is aimed to reinforce the entrepreneurial, network and educational skills of our staff and to enhance their motivation. One of the outcomes of our project is to adapt the entrepreneurial and communicative competencies gained by the relevant staff with a new approach into our students’ education so as to be compatible with our strategic development plan of our school. By means of communication-based training held in the Programme Countries of EU, it will contribute to the professional development of our staff in accordance with the priorities of 2014 Erasmus+ Programme in terms of promoting language teaching and multilingualism. Our project comes along with the important requirements for our school in order to determine a modern education strategy by cooperating with the stakeholders at education and labour market, promoting entrepreneurship, addressing the needs of maritime sector, guiding, providing the opportunities, that globalization serves, aiming the competitiveness of Europe.
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