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A multi-layer project 'Unity in diversity? From challenges to opportunities'.
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

‘Unity in diversity? From challenges to opportunities’ is a multi-layer project. The project aims to empower youth workers to use intercultural dialogue as a tool in combating intolerance towards other cultures, religions and nationalities, fostering mutual understanding and creating effective integration mechanisms for a more inclusive Europe.Main objectives of the whole project are:to promote European citizenship’s values;to improve the level of competence and knowledge in the field of youth work, active citizenship and participation;to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;to encourage inter-cultural dialogue, multicultural diversity, social inclusion and cater for the needs of disadvantaged groups;to foster new developments in the work of the participating organizations;to enhance further cooperation;to promote mobility and capacity building.It includes the following activities:Activity 1: Advance Planning Visit – EVS with partners from Armenia and Ukraine in Stockholm, Sweden. Planned dates: Feb 11-12 2016.Activity 2: EVS receiving in Stockholm from Armenia and Ukraine for 1 year (2 persons). Planned date: March 15. Activity 3: EVS sending to Yerevan, Armenia and Sumy, Ukraine for 6 months (2 persons). Planned date: March 1.EVS exchanges (an example of mobility or temporary migration) are very important element of the project. Their objectives are:to foster intercultural learning, understanding of cultural diversity and tolerance;to increase the volunteers' digital skills and competences;to enhance the volunteers’ knowledge in project management and social entrepreneurship;to prepare volunteers for future working and professional life, strengthen independence and self-esteem;to improve volunteers’ social and civic competences and as well as foreign language skills.Activity 4: Training on migration issues for youth workers in Yerevan, Armenia. End of March.It gathers 32 participants (3-4 persons from a partner organisation): Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.In particular, the aims of the training are:- to provide conceptual framework on the notions of emigration, immigration, integration, interculturalism and multiculturalism; - to analyze the emigration and immigration situation in participating countries and to find out the causes of migration, namely push and pull factors;-to discuss and analyze the current migration challenges in Europe and try to offer solutions from the perspective of youth work;-to foster tolerance, respect and open-mindedness towards migrants while working with young people as a target group;-to share experiences and best practices of integrating young migrants in youth organizations.As a result of the project, the participants of EVS exchanges will be more actively involved in youth work and develop their talents, get practical experience in the project work that leads to better career opportunity. In particular, the volunteers will:- improve their working skills in project and event management, PR, administration and communication, media and digital literacy;- improve linguistic skills;- increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, personal and professional growth;- make new contacts and international links;- become more independent;- develop higher level of responsibility.The training course on migration in Armenia is based on non-formal education methodology. It includes various workshops and learning sessions (team-building activities, brainstorming, city game, role-plays, forum theatre, daily evaluations, trips, study visits).The participants will get to know the conceptual framework of migration, critically discuss and analyze current challenges of Europe and discover the ways to solve problems on the initial level. A mutual Recommendation Paper for youth organizations will be elaborated. That will facilitate a transfer of knowledge and best practices on the issue.As a general result of the whole project we expect that all organizations will:- exchange knowledge and good practices as a result of international cooperation;- expand their projects and activities as a result of implementing new ideas;- increase their visibility on local and international level;- strengthen their cooperation and increase capacity in the field of youth work.One of the important elements of the project would be learning practical aspects of EVS, NGO and youth work. We believe that all partners and individuals who become a part of the project will find a mutually beneficial and inspiring environment for growth and implementing new ideas. All participants are expected to organize follow-up meetings in their organizations and share their experience and learning outcomes.It is also of equal importance for the EU and non-EU actors to get direct experience and knowledge about today's conditions for youth, their problems, obstacles and aspirations.

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