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A Life between Leaving and Arriving - Short Study Visit on Aspects of European Migrational Policies
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Migration is one of the driving policy issues of our century and we are all affected directly or indirectly. Reasons for displacement are diverse - poverty, social or political exclusion, quest for a better life, studying or work abroad ... Each of our European societies has to cope with the repercussions of grand population shifts, especially after the grand economic crisis 2008. In our Short Study Visit we are going to investigate the societies of German federal state Brandenburg and the city-state of Berlin. Which are the strategies of different actors? How do they approach this important social issue from their various angles? We will give the participants of our Short Study Visit the insights into what German NGOs, governments, citizens and migrants in Germany are doing and achieving on a local level. The Short Study Visit will focus on the aspect of anti-racism work, of integrational strategies and the struggle of all actors with German and European law. We will focus our investigation especially on the situation of migrant minors (unaccompanied and as family members) and their endeavour to integrate into a foreign community. We will ask the participants in our Short Study Visit to impute into this project examples and experiences from their countries and communities and to critically self-assess successes and failures. Participants will have the opportunity to compare and to discuss the work of government and non-governmental organisations with migrants and refugees themselves in their own new permanent or merely transitional environments. We will look into their strategies and motivations, how they cope with policy and public opinion in European countries. The Study Visit will take place in several places in the federal states of Brandenburg and Berlin. We will encounter scientists, school personel, youth and refugee workers, but also state officials, municipal administrations. We will look into the longterm effects of migration on the German society, but we will also highlight the migrational history of the Germans themselves. The main location of our Study Visit will be Potsdam. The Study Visit will take place from 24. until 31. August 2014. The participants will come from several European countries.

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