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A la découverte du monde professionnel en Espagne
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is essential in this time of economic crisis to analyze the new challenges of our society, thus to provide to our students a better understanding of an actively changing world which now obeys the rules of globalization. Our school audience, mostly from rural areas, is not prepared enough to face the demands of a tertiary sector that is open to international trade. Our students in initial training need to be open to the world, but for that they need to gain confidence. So, our final objective is to give our students the opportunity to do their training period abroad. This educational and pedagogical project, which will awaken their curiosity towards each other, will help them develop new skills and knowledge communication, and subsequently it will enable them to put into practice innovative professional qualities suited to market demands.The new degree - Bachelor of Business Administration-Management – that we have just created, requires the practical application of administrative and management activities in companies. The current difficulty of competitiveness demands a more developed administrative, commercial and accounting practical knowledge. A European Section was established in our school this year. This section aims at developing an important educational project in partnership with Spain. We expect our students to do their training period there. The first step of our project was to establish specific lessons with our students, organized in pair work, with an Administrative and Management teacher and a Spanish teacher. These lessons allow students to learn the specific business vocabulary in Spanish. Then, the second step of our project was to give classroom teaching a more concrete dimension, so we have organized a trip to Madrid in March 2015. Both teachers have selected the participants of this trip. We offer our first-and-second-year-degree students the opportunity to familiarize with the Spanish culture as they will be hosted by Spanish families. This school trip will also be the opportunity to meet an intermediary organization that will help us to contact potential Spanish partners, some managers of companies whom we can work with. Each student (6) will thus present a ‘’Europass’’ CV, a cover letter. This intermediary organization will then define both our needs and those of the students with those of the companies to satisfy each one’s request. Moreover, we work with an educational training company located in Madrid, and we plan to visit it during our school trip. In the second year degree, students will be able to interact with students of a Spanish vocational school. A registration has been made on the e-Twinning website, and we are expecting to find a school that will best suit our vocational sector. The goal is to familiarize students with the Spanish education system and to communicate generally. Communication tools like Skype using video conferencing will be put in place to strengthen exchanges. This form of exchanges has already been established through our project with the educational training company in Spain. Thus, in the second or final year degree, students will be ready to go to Spain to complete their training in a workplace. Hopefully, they will be familiar with professional communication tools.A training period for these exchanges is scheduled in January 2016. In the beginning of the training period, two teachers will participate in the integration of students in their workplaces. They will study again the skills to be developed with the mentors in connection with their evaluation grid. They will also communicate to the mentors an email address. The local manager will also provide a pass card for transports and some access control files. At the end of the period, the two teachers will go back to Spain to reflect on past progress made, and thus they will evaluate their students. Therefore, we think to develop a mutual cooperation with our Spanish partner that will respect our school project and that of our educational Academy, which seeks to develop permanent international perspective. This project will allow students to experience a rich experience. Firstly, they will be enriched in the professional area as it will allow them to learn new ways to do a common business task. Secondly, their linguistic level will be surely improved thanks to a daily practice both in their workplace as in their home place. The training in Spanish becomes more concrete in this way. Finally, they will gain benefits in a more personal way since it will allow them to develop tolerance and social adaptability by discovering a new culture. To conclude, the opportunity to immerse the students in a foreign country will allow them to open up to a new environment and have a better vision of the world that surrounds them. Moreover, this project will permit us to achieve a very dynamic professional perspectivein our school, giving some students the chance to adapt more easily to various situations.

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