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A két nyelven való tanításhoz szükséges tanári kompetenciák fejlesztése
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background information: Egressy Béni Bilingual Primary School emphasizes teaching in the aspect of content-oriented communicative language teaching. In 2008 the school committed to high-quality language teaching and became a bilingual school. This form of primary education is still unique in Heves County. This decision required much preparation, the material and personnel requirements of the new educational system had to be created. Our educational program was completed with the bilingual program which determines the subjects taught in English language such as Music, Art, P.E., Science and Nature in the younger classes and Music, Art, I.T., Nature and Science, Geography and Civilization in the upper classes besides English as a subject which is taught five lessons per week. Our school has a native speaker teacher too. The philosophy of our school has always been innovation and keeping up with new developments. This philosophy characterizes our teachers who continuously develop their digital and I.T. skills and are committed to lifelong learning and setting an example to their students. In addition our institution strives to be environmentally friendly and has gained the title of " ecological school". Objectives of this project, we have achieved: To further increase the quality of education we can provide through the development of the participants' professional language, cultural, social and methodology skills during this project. The school's long term goal is to build strong international relationships that lead to school twinning projects and through these partnerships share good practice teaching techniques between the schools involved. Number and profile of participants: Six colleagues participated in this project. They are all members of the bilingual faculty. Each of them teaches English as a subject and other subjects in English language. They are motivated, creative and committed to their work. Our courses: Bakó Judit took part in the course " Creative Teaching in the Primary Classroom" organized by Lake School of English in Oxford from 03-14 August 2015. Gálné Vas Csilla took part in the course "Developing Oral Fluency in the Primary English Language Classroom" organized by IPC in Exeter from 16-29 August 2015. Kovácsné Bokk Éva took part in the course "Drama Techniques for the English Language Classroom" organized by IPC in Exeter from 16-29 August 2015. Molnár Mónika took part in the course "Creative Teaching in the Primary English Languauge Classroom" organized by Lake School of English in Oxford from 7-11 September 2015. Oroszi Hajnalka took part in the course "CLIL: Practical Methodolody for Primary Teachers" organized by International Study Programmes in Portsmouth from 16-28 August 2015. Patócsné Szoboszlai Andrea Tünde took part in the course "Creative Teaching in the Primary Classroom" organized by Lake School of English in Oxford from 03-14 August 2015. These colleagues planned to take part in such courses that provide them with good practice, new methodology, useful drama techniques, everyday phrases and where they can experience the real language environment. They specialized in different topics, like nature and science, art, music and geography. Furthermore they were highly motivated in establishing international relationships and making partnerships. The steps of preparation, implementation and evaluation were completed as planned: Setting up the project team and having brainstorming, completing the application form, getting documents. Keeping in touch with the management. Choosing the courses carefully. Coordination with the study centres, organizing the transport, participation in the chosen courses. Continuously keeping in contact with the school, writing a blog and reports. First of all, the self-evaluation of the participants. Then, summary reports, dissemination at school and in the public arena, followed by a final evaluation. In conclusion we have achieved our expected results: Development of the participants' competences and improvement of their professional and methodology knowledge. Back in Hungary these enriched the learning experience in the classroom, and this higher level of education and personal experience motivated and encouraged pupils more. Quality improvement has been achieved, which has been seen in numbers in the measurement of the pupils' foreign language competence / 88% in 6th grade, 87% in 8th grade/. During our courses a lot of students, their parents, our colleagues were paying attention to our activities with the help of the blogs and pictures written and taken by the participants. It increased the fame of our school and more children applied to the bilingual faculty. While building partnerships the school's long term goals will be realized. We got in touch with a Polish primary school, from Kokoszkowy. Thanks to this relationship we are planning to do an international project together.

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