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A Identidade Europeia na Construção de uma Educação de Excelência
Start date: Feb 28, 2015, End date: Dec 27, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Colégio Infante Santo has a stable staff, composed by 35 teachers and 4 employees. Our school has a cooperative and particular system from year 5 to year 9, with 533 students. The main values of our Educational Project are excellent academic results and discipline. On the other hand, it focus on affectivity, having in mind the awareness of a successful learning and a close relation with families and local community. These are the basis to achieve the best training of our students, being able to learn how to learn and to raise active citizens, knowing the world around them. The School Direction intends to have 18 teachers on international training. The goal is to improve their professional training, focusing on the following training needs: to supply teachers with didactic and educational innovative tools, to improve the capacity to teach the key-competences to their students (knowledge/ abilities, skills and attitudes, in a learn how to learn perspective), to promote the acquisition of democratic skills, citizenship and respect for other people/ cultures and to improve the linguistic skills. The training will be during holidays or at the end of the school year (July and August) and it will be useful to obtain/ recycle competences and several knowledge areas, such as: didactic/ educational, key-competences, citizenship/ European dimension and linguistic skills. To achieve mobilities, there will be distinct training sessions (meetings, workshops, working sessions), so that it can help participants to have a cultural preparation (internet research about the countries to visit, to avoid cultural schock), a linguistic preparation (basic vocabulary and mini-dictionary) and the thematic preparation to present in training sessions, by each participant. The training activities will be: "Practical ideas for the teaching of written English"; "Teaching English through ICT is fun"; "Teaching grammar can be fun"; "Creativity and innovation in teaching and training: how to use Music, Art, ICT and Sport in Education"; "Le-Math: learning Mathematics through new communication factors"; "Literacy across subjects"; "Creativity and innovation in teaching and learning by using ICT"; "Active Citizenship education: the role of intercultural education"; "Approaching multicultural issues in education"; "European digital portfolio for educators”; "Problem based learning"; "Outdoor education - teaching Math, Science and Art"; "Teaching through 21st century methodologies" and "Human resource management in education institutions". The dissemination of the project will be made through the school site (; school newsletter, sent to parents/ tutors and to national and regional media; lectures on educational issues, at school, after the conclusion of the Training Project, to which educational and municipal entities will be invited; workshops on the training themes, given by the teachers who will take part on the training themes. The spreading targets are a wide range of teachers, from year 1 to year 9, who teach in schools spread across Portugal and, indirectly, students, who will also benefit from these training. The aim of this project is to improve the knowledge of those who take part in it, in all the areas of this training: pedagogy/ didactics, key-competences and citizenship/ European dimension. This Training Project is considered as vital to staff development and to a better providing system of the institution, which will contribute to the school viability in the future. Relating to students, it is expected a positive impact, as the teachers will acquire improving and motivating methodologies, which will promote a well-succeeded learning process, key-competences knowledge and democratic skills, that will reduce insuccess and precocious give up on school. The long term benefit focus on improving competences and learning methods of teachers that, every year, teach to a wide range of students, being essential a constant personal and professional training to lead to a well-succeed educational mission.
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